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Partial differential equations and functional analysis. In memory of Pierre Grisvard. Proceedings of a conference held in November 1994. (English, French) Zbl 0840.00032
Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and their Applications. 22. Boston, MA: Birkhäuser. xxii, 263 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Grisvard, P., Boundary value problems in domains with cusps, 1-17 [Zbl 0855.35017]
Apel, Thomas; Nicaise, Serge, Elliptic problems in domains with edges: Anisotropic regularity and anisotropic finite element meshes, 18-34 [Zbl 0854.35005]
Baouendi, M. S.; Rothschild, Linda Preiss, Unique continuation of harmonic functions at boundary points and applications to problems in complex analysis, 35-40 [Zbl 0855.31001]
Bardos, Claude; Belyshev, Mikhael, The wave shaping problem, 41-59 [Zbl 0858.35011]
Ciarlet, Philippe G., Mathematical modelling of linearly elastic shells, 60-79 [Zbl 0861.35119]
Da Prato, Giuseppe, Fully nonlinear equations by linearization and maximal regularity, and applications, 80-92 [Zbl 0864.35055]
Dauge, Monique, Strongly elliptic problems near cuspidal points and edges, 93-110 [Zbl 0853.35018]
Boutet de Monvel, Louis, Star products associated with a Poisson bracket of constant range, 111-119 [Zbl 0909.58014]
Destuynder, Philippe; Santi, Françoise, La méthode des lâchés de tourbillons pour le calcul des efforts aérodynamiques, 120-131 [Zbl 0860.35102]
Favini, Angelo, Sum of operators’ method in abstract equations, 132-146 [Zbl 0854.34058]
Geymonat, Giuseppe; Tcha-Kondor, Ouro, Constructive methods for abstract differential equations and applications, 147-159 [Zbl 0853.35020]
Kondratiev, V. A.; Oleinik, O. A., On asymptotics of solutions of nonlinear second order elliptic equations in cylindrical domains, 160-173 [Zbl 0856.35012]
Kozlov, V. A.; Maz’ya, V. G., Singularities in solutions to mathematical physics problems in non-smooth domains, 174-206 [Zbl 0856.35036]
Lions, J.-L.; Sanchez-Palencia, E., Sensitive problems and thin elastic shells, 207-220 [Zbl 0857.35033]
Niane, Mary Teuw, Exact boundary controllability of the wave equation in the presence of singularities, 221-234 [Zbl 0858.35078]
Sinestrari, E., Interpolation and extrapolation spaces in evolution equations, 235-254 [Zbl 0859.35021]
Zerner, Martin, Localization of singularities at the boundary and partitions of unity, 255-263 [Zbl 0858.35029]
Pierre Grisvard (1940-1994). List of publications and theses (under the supervision of P. Grisvard), XIII-XXII [Zbl 0852.01025]
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations
47-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to operator theory
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Grisvard, Pierre