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Advanced manufacturing systems and technology. Proceedings of the 4th international conference on advanced manufacturing systems and technology - AMST ’96, Udine, Italy, September 2–3, 1996. (English) Zbl 0866.73002
[The articles of this volume will not be indexed individually. The AMST ’90 has been announced (see Zbl 0719.93002).]
The international conference is intended to present and discuss latest developments, i.e. mainly experimental and computational research results and industrial experience in the field of machining of conventional and advanced materials, modern machining processes and quality assurance. The proceedings contain more than hundred papers and are organized as follows.
(0) Trends in manufacturing (technological and human resources, advanced machining, machinability testing, forming processes, new measuring methods); (1) Machining processes (milling, ceramic and diamond tools, wear growth, cutting process, tool life, coatings); (2) Optimization and process planning (optimum cutting conditions, turning operations, tool life optimization, part design and process planning, tolerance verification algorithms, experimental and robust design respectively, short term production planning, artificial intelligence support); (3) Forming (flow line production, hot forging, superplastic forming, deep drawing and layered tools respectively, texture evolution, cold rolling); (4) Flexible machining systems (clamping units, saturation improvement, autonomous decentralized systems, extrusions, machine locations, simulation of assembly planning, composites); (5) Nonconventional machining (microfabrication, \(X\)-ray lithography, laser cutting, electro-discharge process, surface finish, hot machining, cutting of glass, biohybrid organs, microfabrication, electro-chemical machining); (6) Robotics and control (life cycle engineering with robots, robotic welding, automatic sample changer, model reduction, network control); (7) Measuring (error detection, roughness control, contouring errors minimization tolerancing, modelling of mechanical parts, engineering plastics); (8) Materials and mechanics (tool wear and surface roughness, tube forming, heat formability of steel, elastic plate analysis, properties of leaded/unleaded brasses, plastic compression, layered ceramics for cutting steel, cutting surface quality, surface hardening); (9) Quality (optimization of control parameters, quality costs and quality management, expert systems, fault detection, robustness of standard split-plot analysis).

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