Wave propagation in complex media. (English) Zbl 0880.00025

The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications. 96. New York, NY: Springer. x, 287 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Chew, W. C.; Song, J. M.; Lu, C. C.; Wagner, Robert L.; Lin, J. H.; Gan, H.; Nasir, M., Fast algorithms for solving electromagnetic scattering problems, 1-22 [Zbl 0911.65127]
Figotin, A.; Kuchment, P., 2D photonic crystals with cubic structure: Asymptotic analysis, 23-30 [Zbl 0901.65078]
Fouque, Jean-Pierre; Garnier, Josselin, On waves in random media in the diffusion-approximation regime, 31-48 [Zbl 0904.73013]
Freilikher, V.; Kaveh, M.; Pustilnik, M.; Yurkevich, I.; Sanches-Gil, J.; Maradudin, A.; Lu, Jun Q., Coherent effects in scattering from bounded random systems with discrete spectrum, 49-74 [Zbl 0908.65119]
Golden, Kenneth M., The interaction of microwaves with sea ice, 75-94 [Zbl 0904.73010]
Gredeskul, Sergey; Zusman, Masha; Avishai, Yshai; Azbel, Mark Ya., Electron in two-dimensional system with point scatterers and magnetic field, 95-142 [Zbl 0898.35101]
Jakšić, V.; Molchanov, S.; Pastur, L., On the propagation properties of surface waves, 143-154 [Zbl 0905.65107]
McPhedran, R. C.; Nicorovici, N. A.; Botten, L. C.; Bao, Ke-Da, Green’s function, lattice sums and Rayleigh’s identity for a dynamic scattering problem, 155-186 [Zbl 0915.65126]
Sato, Haruo, Study of seismogram envelopes based on the energy transport theory, 187-197 [Zbl 0914.73017]
Sauter, Stefan A., The panel clustering method in 3-D BEM, 199-224 [Zbl 0901.65070]
Sigalas, M. M.; Chan, C. T.; Soukoulis, C. M., Propagation of electromagnetic waves in two-dimensional disordered systems, 225-246 [Zbl 0909.65117]
van Tiggelen, Bart A.; Maynard, Roger, Reciprocity and coherent backscattering of light, 247-271 [Zbl 0898.35102]
Wu, Ru-Shan, Spatio-temporal distribution of seismic power for a random absorptive slab in a half space, 273-287 [Zbl 0913.73023]


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