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The Chameleon groups of Richard J. Thompson: Automorphisms and dynamics. (English) Zbl 0891.57037
Let \(PL_2(\mathbf R)\) denote the set of homeomorphisms \(f: \mathbf R \longrightarrow \mathbf R\) satisfying:   (1) \(f\) is piecewise linear;   (2) \(f\) is orientation preserving;   (3) all slopes of \(f\) are integral powers of 2;   (4) the “breaks” of \(f\) (discontinuities of \(f'\)) are in a discrete subset of \(\mathbf Z[\frac{1}{2}]\); and   (5) \(f(\mathbf Z[\frac{1}{2}])\subseteq \mathbf Z[\frac{1}{2}]\). Let \(BPL_2(\mathbf R)\) be the elements \(f\) of \(PL_2(\mathbf R)\) whose support (i.e., the set of points \(x\) such that \(f(x)\neq x\)) is a bounded subset of \(\mathbf R\). Let \(F\) be those elements \(f\) of \(PL_2(\mathbf R)\) that are translations by integers near \(\pm \infty\) in the sense that there are integers \(i\) and \(j\) and a real \(M\) so that \(f(x)=x+i\) for all \(x>|M|\) and \(f(x)=x+j\) for all \(x<-|M|\). One has \(BPL_2(\mathbf R)\subseteq F\). Let \(T\) be those homeomorphisms from \(S^1=\mathbf R/\mathbf Z\) to itself that satisfy (1)–(5) above. Denote by \(\widetilde{PL}_2(\mathbf R)\) and \(\widetilde T\) the groups obtained if in the definitions of \(PL_2(\mathbf R)\) and \(T\) respectively, (2) is replaced by: (2’) \(f\) is orientation preserving or orientation reversing.
The main result of this paper is the following theorem: Let \(G\) be a group for which \(BPL_2(\mathbf R)\subseteq G \subseteq \widetilde{PL}_2(\mathbf R)\) or \(T\subseteq G \subseteq \widetilde T\). Let \(N(G)\) be the normalizer of \(G\) in \(\text{Homeo}(\mathbf R)\) or \(\text{Homeo}(S^1)\) respectively. Then (i) the natural homomorphism \(N(G)\longrightarrow \text{Aut}(G)\) is an isomorphism, (ii) \(N(G)\subseteq \widetilde {PL}_2(\mathbf R)\) or \(N(G)\subseteq \widetilde T\) whichever applies, (iii) the containment in (ii) is equality whenever \(G\) is one of \(BPL_2(\mathbf R)\), \(PL_2(\mathbf R)\), \(\widetilde {PL}_2(\mathbf R)\), \(T\), \(\widetilde T\), and (iv) if \(N_+(F)\) represents the index 2 subgroup of \(N(F)\) of orientation preserving elements, then there is a short exact sequence \[ 1\longrightarrow F\longrightarrow N_+(F)\longrightarrow T\times T \longrightarrow 1. \]
Reviewer: V.L.Popov (Moskva)

57S05 Topological properties of groups of homeomorphisms or diffeomorphisms
20F99 Special aspects of infinite or finite groups
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