Two-dimensional turbulent viscous flow simulation past airfoils at fixed incidence. (English) Zbl 0893.76055

The authors developed recently a reconstruction method for determining the velocity components at the center of the control volumes from the discretized momentum and continuity equation for time-averaged, turbulent, two-dimensional, incompressible flow by interpolation of values at neighboring grid points. In comparison to other available interpolation methods, the new method offers the advantage that it avoids artificial dissipation. Several turbulence models are introduced in the solution, and several flows around wing sections are computed for complex flow conditions. The various results are evaluated and compared with each other. The paper concludes with the recommendation that grid independence should be judged by comparing values of the velocity rather than values of the pressure. It is also pointed out that the results are influenced by large values of nominal Reynolds number, and, even more severely, by the assumption on the transition criteria.
Reviewer: E.Krause (Aachen)


76M20 Finite difference methods applied to problems in fluid mechanics
76F10 Shear flows and turbulence
76D05 Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible viscous fluids
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