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Papers on discrete mathematics. Vol. 1. (Труды по дискретной математике. Том 1.) (Russian) Zbl 0895.00020
Moskva: TVP. viii, 280 p. (1997).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually as journal “Tr. Diskretn. Mat. 1 (1997). For Vol. 2 (1998) see Zbl 0895.00021.
Indexed articles:
Balakin, G. V., Introduction to the theory of random systems of equations, 1-18 [Zbl 0924.60001]
Belyaev, P. F., On the joint distribution of frequencies of long \(s\)-chains in simple homogeneous Markov chains with a finite set of outcomes, 19-42 [Zbl 0920.60050]
Glukhov, M. M., On numerical parameters connected with the definition of finite groups by systems of generating elements, 43-66 [Zbl 0974.20029]
Gorchinskiĭ, Yu. N., On homomorphisms of multibased universal algebras in connection with cryptographic applications, 67-84 [Zbl 0916.08003]
Gorchinskiĭ, Yu. N.; Kruglov, I. A.; Kapitonov, V. M., Questions of the theory of distributions on finite groups, 85-112 [Zbl 0921.60008]
Zubkov, A. M., Peculiarities of two-dimensional distributions of a sequence, generated by a linear congruential generator, 113-120 [Zbl 1058.11540]
Ivchenko, G. I.; Medvedev, Yu. I., On asymptotic effectiveness of separable statistics in a polynomial scheme, 121-138 [Zbl 1058.62530]
Kuz’min, A. S.; Kurakin, V. L.; Nechaev, A. A., Pseudorandom and polylinear sequences, 139-202 [Zbl 0926.11088]
Maksimov, Yu. I., On Markov chains connected with binary shift registers with random elements, 203-220 [Zbl 1022.94007]
Mikhaĭlov, V. G., Some inequalities for the distribution function of the number of non-appearing \(s\)-chains, 221-226 [Zbl 0921.60018]
Sachkov, V. N., Probabilistic converters and regular multigraphs, 227-250 [Zbl 0947.68542]
Sidel’nikov, V. M., Fast algorithms for the construction of a collection of labelings of discrete data files, 251-264 [Zbl 1014.94017]
Tikhomirova, M. I.; Chistyakov, V. P., On statistical tests of missing \(s\)-grams, 265-278 [Zbl 1092.62537]

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