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Papers on discrete mathematics. Vol. 2. (Труды по дискретной математике. Том 2.) (Russian) Zbl 0895.00021
Moskva: TVP. vi, 314 p. (1998).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually as journal “Tr. Diskretn. Mat. 2 (1998)”.
For Vol. 1 see Zbl 0895.00020.
Indexed articles:
Aliev, F. K., Products of independent, identically distributed random variables with values in a finite simple semigroup, 1-20 [Zbl 0921.60006]
Balakin, G. V., Systems of random equations over a finite field, 21-37 [Zbl 0924.60002]
Belyaev, P. F., On the joint distribution of extremal values of frequencies on embedded intervals of a Markov chain, 38-54 [Zbl 0933.60008]
Gorchinskiĭ, Yu. N., Stochastic algebras, 55-87 [Zbl 0920.60018]
Gorchinskiĭ, Yu. N.; Kapitonov, V. M., On the mean quadratic deviations in lines of matrices of transition probabilities on finite permutation groups, 88-100 [Zbl 0919.60012]
Zubkov, A. M.; Mikhaĭlov, V. G., Estimation of the minimal number of outcomes with given total probability, 101-111 [Zbl 0920.62018]
Zubov, A. Yu., On the diameter of the group \(S_N\) with respect to the system of generators consisting of a complete cycle and a transposition, 112-150 [Zbl 0931.20002]
Ivanov, V. A., Automata transformations of random sequences, 151-168 [Zbl 0963.68091]
Ivchenko, G. I.; Medvedev, Yu. I., Mixtures of probability distributions and random allocations, 169-182 [Zbl 1063.60500]
Kolchin, V. F., On the threshold effect for systems of random equations, 183-190 [Zbl 0927.60065]
Kuz’min, A. S.; Kurakin, V. L.; Nechaev, A. A., Properties of linear and polylinear recurrents over Galois rings. I, 191-222 [Zbl 0937.11059]
Maksimov, Yu. I., The Bernoulli scheme with alternating insertions, 223-229 [Zbl 0920.60051]
Mikhaĭlov, V. G., Investigation of a Markov scheme of allocations of particles in cells, 230-236 [Zbl 0919.60013]
Pogorelov, B. A., Permutation groups. I. (Survey for the years 1981–1995), 237-281 [Zbl 0930.20001]
Sachkov, V. N., The reduction operator. I, 282-295 [Zbl 1113.05300]
Sevast’yanov, B. A., On the connection between structural characteristics of preimages and images of finite sets in case of some classes of transformations, 296-304 [Zbl 1029.94502]
Tikhomirova, M. I.; Chistyakov, V. P., On \(\chi^2\)-type statistics, constructed by the output of a finite automaton, 305-314 [Zbl 0923.62024]

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