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Symmetric and analytic methods in mathematical physics. Series: Mathematical physics. Dedicated to the memory of V. I. Fushchich. (Symetrijni ta analitychni metody v matematychnij fizytsi. Seriya: Matematychna fizyka.) (Ukrainian. English summary) Zbl 0902.00014
Pratsi Instytutu Matematyky Natsional’noï Akademiï Nauk Ukraïny. Matematyka ta ïï Zastosuvannya. 19. Kyïv: Instytut Matematyky NAN Ukraïny. 280 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Andreeva, N. V., Symmetry properties of a nonlinear system of equation of parabolic type, 10-13 [Zbl 0912.35005]
Barannyk, A. F.; Yuryk, I. I., On exact solutions of an equation of nonlinear acoustics, 14-19 [Zbl 0912.35108]
Barannyk, L. L., Symmetry reduction of the Guerra-Pusterla equation by subalgebras of the central extension of the conformal algebra, 20-31 [Zbl 0912.35038]
Bojko, V. M., Symmetry properties of some equations of hydrodymamic type, 32-42 [Zbl 0913.35105]
Bojko, V. M.; Tsyfra, I. M., Lorentz-invariant continuity equations for elastomagnetic field, 43-47 [Zbl 0913.35128]
Vladimirov, V. A., On autowave invariant solutions to equations of relaxation hydrodynamics, 48-53 [Zbl 0913.35104]
Vladimirov, V. A., On asymptotic properties of invariant solutions to equations of relaxation hydrodynamics, 54-63 [Zbl 0912.35129]
Galitsyn, A. S.; Zhukovskyj, O. M.; Karagodov, V. P., Nonhomogeneous problems for the parabolic operator, 64-72 [Zbl 0912.35041]
Galkin, O. V., The Poincaré parasuperalgebra and parasupersymmetric field theory, 73-79 [Zbl 0913.17004]
Yegorchenko, I. A., Ansatzes and exact solution to nonlinear Schrödinger and wave equations, 80-87 [Zbl 0912.35049]
Zhdanov, R. Z.; Lagno, V. I., Conditional symmetrization of (1+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation: a “no-go” theorem, 88-99 [Zbl 0912.35130]
Zhdanov, R. Z.; Lutfullin, M. V., Separation of variables in the Schrödinger equation with time-dependent potential, 100-106 [Zbl 0912.35007]
Zhukovskyj, O. M.; Mechnyk, V. A., Thermoelastic stress distribution of the nonhomogeneous diamond wheel cutting with cooling, 106-110 [Zbl 0912.73009]
Karagodov, V. P., On the iterative solution of the nonlinear convection problem for a viscous incompressible liquid, 111-115 [Zbl 0910.35095]
Kuz’menko, A. G., To a question of construction of invariants of the rotation group \(SO(2)\) in the space of coefficients of a system of nonlinear differential equations, 116-122 [Zbl 0912.35050]
Lagno, V. I., Conformally invariant solution of Maxwell equations, 123-129 [Zbl 0912.35036]
Lagno, H. O., On new representation of Lie algebras of Galilean groups in three-dimensional space-time, 130-137 [Zbl 0912.35006]
Lejbov, O. S., Symmetry reduction and some classes of exact solutions of the Born-Infeld equation, 138-145 [Zbl 0922.58072]
Lopatin, A. K.; Kuz’menko, A. G., Invariants of the group \(SO(2)\) in the space of parameters of a nonlinear system of second order and conditions of existence of periodic solutions, 146-155 [Zbl 0916.34041]
Orlov, V. N.; Fil’chakova, V. P., On a constructive method of construction of first and the second meromorphic Painlevé transcendents, 155-165 [Zbl 0912.35009]
Panchak, O. A., Symmetry reduction of the nonlinear wave equation for complex field, 166-173 [Zbl 0912.35109]
Podoshvelev, Yu. G., \(Q\)-conditional symmetry of the acoustic equation, 174-176 [Zbl 0912.35037]
Popovych, V. O., On Lie reduction of MHD equations to partial differential equations with three independent variables, 177-185 [Zbl 0912.35039]
Popovych, H. O.; Vasilenko, O. F., On a class of a generalized Beltrami flows of the ideal incompressible fluid, 186-193 [Zbl 0912.35128]
Popovych, R. O., On a class of \(Q\)-conditional symmetries and solutions of evolution equations, 194-199 [Zbl 0913.35145]
Popovych, R. O.; Korneva, I. P., On \(Q\)-conditional symmetry of the linear \(n\)-dimensional heat equation, 200-211 [Zbl 0912.35070]
Revenko, I. V., On exact solutions of the Lorentz equations which are invariant with respect to the subalgebra of the Poincaré algebra, 212-215 [Zbl 0912.35040]
Sergeev, A. G., On time-dependent symmetries of evolution equations, 216-220 [Zbl 0912.35073]
Spichak, S. V., Invariance of the Maxwell equations with respect to nonlinear representations of the Poincaré algebra, 221-225 [Zbl 0913.35129]
Stognij, V. I., Discrete symmetry and exact solutions of the self-dual equations, 226-231 [Zbl 0912.35003]
Sukretnyj, V. I.; Obaid, F. S., On behaviour of solutions of boundary-value problems for elliptic equations of second order at infinity, 232-242 [Zbl 0913.35037]
Taborov, B. V., Asymptotic decomposition of a system of nonlinear differential equations in the vicinity of integral group manifolds, 243-248 [Zbl 0916.34055]
Homchenko, L. V., Reduction and reducibility of linear systems of differential equations with periodic coefficients which have a quadratic integral, 249-257 [Zbl 0916.34006]
Tsyfra, I. M., Nonpoint symmetries and reduction of differential equations, 258-264 [Zbl 0912.35004]
Cherniga, N. D., Conditional symmetry of Burger’s equations and some generalizations, 265-269 [Zbl 0913.35120]
Cherniga, R. M., Galilean-invariant generalizations of the heat equation with infinite dimensional algebra of Lie symmetries, 270-279 [Zbl 0912.35008]
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Fushchich, V. I.