Homotopy and geometry. Proceedings of the workshop, Banach Center, Warsaw, Poland, June 9–13, 1997. (English) Zbl 0906.00019

Banach Center Publications. 45. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences, 240 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Ono, Kaoru, On Arnold’s conjecture for symplectic fixed points, 13-24 [Zbl 0982.37055]
Bryden, J.; Zvengrowski, P., The cohomology algebras of orientable Seifert manifolds and applications to Lusternik-Schnirelmann category, 25-39 [Zbl 0939.57018]
Cornea, Octavian, Homotopical dynamics of gradient flows, 41-46 [Zbl 0931.37005]
Rudyak, Yuli B., Category weight: New ideas concerning Lusternik-Schnirelmann category, 47-61 [Zbl 0927.55004]
Oprea, John, Homotopy theory and circle actions on symplectic manifolds, 63-86 [Zbl 0926.53029]
Allday, Christopher, Examples of circle actions on symplectic spaces, 87-90 [Zbl 0926.53028]
Hattori, Akio, 4-dimensional \(c\)-symplectic \(S^1\)-manifolds with non-empty fixed point set need not be \(c\)-Hamiltonian, 91-93 [Zbl 0994.57032]
Hattori, Akio, Almost complex toric manifolds and positive line bundles, 95-114 [Zbl 1063.32501]
Lupton, Gregory, Variations on a conjecture of Halperin, 115-135 [Zbl 0931.55007]
Cordero, L. A.; Fernández, M.; Gray, A.; Ugarte, L., Dolbeault homotopy theory and compact nilmanifolds, 137-154 [Zbl 0943.32015]
Fernández, Marisa; Ibáñez, Raúl; De León, Manuel, The geometry of a closed form, 155-167 [Zbl 0930.53048]
Garvín, Antonio; Lechuga, Luis; Murillo, Aniceto; Muñoz, Vicente; Viruel, Antonio, An extension of Miller’s version of the de Rham theorem with any coefficients, 169-176 [Zbl 0945.55007]
Lehmann, Daniel, A generalization of Milnor’s numbers for the complete intersection of a non isolated singularity, 177-182 [Zbl 0936.32014]
Čadek, Martin; Vanžura, Jiří, Various structures in 8-dimensional vector bundles over 8-manifolds, 183-197 [Zbl 0927.57026]
Kubarski, Jan, Algebroid nature of the characteristic classes of flat bundles, 199-224 [Zbl 0928.55018]
Arkowitz, Martin, Induced mappings of homology decompositions, 225-233 [Zbl 0941.55008]
Hubbuck, J. R., The Hurewicz homomorphism and numerical forms, 235-240 [Zbl 1058.55500]


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