Rough sets in knowledge discovery 1. Methodology and applications. (English) Zbl 0910.00028

Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. 18. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. x, 576 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Polkowski, Lech; Skowron, Andrzej, Introducing the book, 3-9 [Zbl 0927.68084]
Pawlak, Zdzisław, Rough set elements, 10-30 [Zbl 0927.68085]
Polkowski, Lech; Skowron, Andrzej, Rough sets: A perspective, 31-56 [Zbl 0927.68086]
Cattaneo, Gianpiero, Abstract approximation spaces for rough theories, 59-98 [Zbl 0927.68087]
Demri, Stéphane; Orłowska, Ewa, Complementarity relations: Reduction of decision rules and informational representability, 99-106 [Zbl 0927.68088]
Lin, T. Y., Granular computing on binary relations. I: Data mining and neighborhood systems, 107-121 [Zbl 0927.68089]
Lin, T. Y., Granular computing on binary relations. II: Rough set representations and belief functions, 122-140 [Zbl 0927.68090]
Miyamoto, Sadaaki, Fuzzy multisets and a rough approximation by multiset-valued function, 141-159 [Zbl 0930.03068]
Moshkov, Mikhail, On time complexity of decision trees, 160-191 [Zbl 0927.68091]
Nakamura, Akira, Graded modalities in rough logic, 192-208 [Zbl 0927.03039]
Pagliani, Piero, A practical introduction to the modal-relational approach to approximation spaces, 209-232 [Zbl 0927.68092]
SanJuan, Eric; Iturrioz, Luisa, Duality and informational representability of some information algebras, 233-247 [Zbl 0936.68094]
Stepaniuk, Jaroslaw, Rough relations and logics, 248-260 [Zbl 0934.03070]
Wasilewska, Anita; Vigneron, Laurent, Rough algebras and automated deduction, 261-275 [Zbl 0926.03081]
Wong, S. K. M., A rough-set model for reasoning about knowledge, 276-285 [Zbl 0946.68136]
Yao, Y. Y., Generalized rough set models, 286-318 [Zbl 0946.68137]
Bazan, Jan G., A comparison of dynamic and non-dynamic rough set methods for extracting laws from decision tables, 321-365 [Zbl 1067.68711]
Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy W., Applications of the rule induction system LERS, 366-375 [Zbl 0940.68137]
Øhrn, Aleksander; Komorowski, Jan; Skowron, Andrzej; Synak, Piotr, The design and implementation of a knowledge discovery toolkit based on rough set – the ROSETTA system, 376-399 [Zbl 0927.68093]
Kowalczyk, Wojciech, Rough data modelling: A new technique for analyzing data, 400-421 [Zbl 0940.68036]
Kryszkiewicz, Marzena, Properties of incomplete information systems in the framework of rough sets, 422-450 [Zbl 0940.68138]
Hung Son Nguyen; Sinh Hoa Nguyen, Discretization methods in data mining, 451-482 [Zbl 0940.68139]
Piasta, Zdzisław; Lenarcik, Andrzej, Learning rough classifiers from large databases with missing values, 483-499 [Zbl 0940.68140]
Stefanowski, Jerzy, On rough set based approaches to induction of decision rules, 500-529 [Zbl 0927.68094]
Susmaga, Robert, Experiments in incremental computation of reducts, 530-553 [Zbl 0927.68095]
Ziarko, Wojciech, Rough sets as a methodology for data mining, 554-576 [Zbl 0927.68096]


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