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Enumeration approach for linear complementarity problems based on a reformulation-linearization technique. (English) Zbl 0911.90328
Summary: We consider the linear complementarity problem (LCP) and present a global optimization algorithm based on an application of the reformulation linearization technique (RLT). The matrix \(M\) associated with the LCP is not assumed to possess any special structure. In this approach, the LCP is formulated first as a mixed-integer 0-1 bilinear programming problem. The RLT scheme is then used to derive a new equivalent mixed-integer linear programming formulation of the LCP. An implicit enumeration scheme is developed that uses Lagrangian relaxation, strongest surrogate and strengthened cutting planes, and a heuristic, designed to exploit the strength of the resulting linearization. Computational experience on various test problems is presented.

90C33 Complementarity and equilibrium problems and variational inequalities (finite dimensions) (aspects of mathematical programming)
90C11 Mixed integer programming
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