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Computer-aided transit scheduling. Proceedings, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 1997. (English) Zbl 0920.00055
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. 471. Berlin: Springer. xi, 444 p. DM 122.00; öS 891.00; sFr 111.50; £47.00; $ 91.00 (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Caprara, Alberto; Fischetti, Matteo; Guida, Pier Luigi; Toth, Paolo; Vigo, Daniele, Solution of large-scale railway crew planning problems: The Italian experience, 1-18 [Zbl 0948.90096]
Desaulniers, Guy; Desrosiers, Jacques; Lasry, Arielle; Solomon, Marius M., Crew pairing for a regional carrier, 19-41 [Zbl 0935.90005]
Fores, Sarah; Proll, Les; Wren, Anthony, An improved ILP system for driver scheduling, 43-61 [Zbl 0948.90099]
Friberg, Christian; Haase, Knut, An exact branch and cut algorithm for the vehicle and crew scheduling problem, 63-80 [Zbl 0935.90006]
Kwan, Ann S. K.; Kwan, Raymond S. K.; Wren, Anthony, Driver scheduling using genetic algorithms with embedded combinatorial traits, 81-102 [Zbl 0966.90008]
Gaffi, Andrea; Nonato, Maddalena, An integrated approach to ex-urban crew and vehicle scheduling, 103-128 [Zbl 0948.90016]
Kwan, Raymond S. K.; Rahin, Mohammad A., Object oriented bus vehicle scheduling. – The BOOST system, 177-191 [Zbl 0948.90013]
Löbel, Andreas, Solving large-scale multiple-depot vehicle scheduling problems, 193-220 [Zbl 0948.90019]
Mesquita, Marta; Paixão, José, Exact algorithms for the multi-depot vehicle scheduling problem based on multicommodity network flow type formulations, 221-243 [Zbl 0948.90020]
Ceder, Avishai; Tal, Ofer, Timetable synchronization for buses, 245-258 [Zbl 0948.90014]
Kim, Daeki, Transportation service network design: Models and algorithms, 259-283 [Zbl 0948.90018]
Ziarati, Koorush; Soumis, François; Desrosiers, Jacques, Locomotive assignment using train delays, 285-297 [Zbl 0966.90045]
O’Dell, Susan W.; Wilson, Nigel H. M., Optimal real-time control strategies for rail transit operations during disruptions, 299-323 [Zbl 0948.90092]
Eberlein, Xu Jun; Wilson, Nigel H. M.; Bernstein, David, Modeling real-time control strategies in public transit operations, 325-346 [Zbl 0948.90098]
Borndörfer, R.; Grötschel, M.; Klostermeier, F.; Küttner, C., Telebus Berlin: Vehicle scheduling in a dial-a-ride system, 391-422 [Zbl 0935.90018]
Freling, Richard; Wagelmans, Albert P. M.; Paixão, José M. Pinto, An overview of models and techniques for integrating vehicle and crew scheduling, 441-460 [Zbl 0948.90015]

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