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Discrete and computational geometry. Japanese conference, JCDCG ’98. Tokyo, Japan, December 9–12, 1998. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0933.00046
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1763. Berlin: Springer. viii, 333 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Akiyama, J.; Kaneko, A.; Kano, M.; Nakamura, G.; Rivera-Campo, E.; Tokunaga, S.; Urrutia, J., Radial perfect partitions of convex sets in the plane, 1-13 [Zbl 0981.52004]
Akiyama, Jin; Nakamura, Gisaku, Dudeney dissection of polygons, 14-29 [Zbl 0965.52003]
Asano, Tetsuo, Effective use of geometric properties for clustering, 30-46 [Zbl 0957.68120]
Avis, David, Living with \(lrs\), 47-56 [Zbl 0971.68613]
Avis, David; Hosono, Kiyoshi; Urabe, Masatsugu, On the existence of a point subset with 4 or 5 interior points, 57-64 [Zbl 0964.51001]
Barouni, Ala Eddine; Jaoua, Ali; Zaguia, Nejib, Planar drawing algorithms of survivable telecommunication networks, 65-80 [Zbl 0971.68624]
Bose, Prosenjit; Czyzowicz, Jurek; Kranakis, Evangelos; Krizanc, Danny; Maheshwari, Anil, Polygon cutting: Revisited, 81-92 [Zbl 0971.68625]
Bose, Prosenjit; Czyzowicz, Jurek; Kranakis, Evangelos; Maheshwari, Anil, Algorithms for packing two circles in a convex polygon, 93-103 [Zbl 0971.68583]
Demaine, Erik D.; Demaine, Martin L.; Lubiw, Anna, Folding and cutting paper, 104-118 [Zbl 0958.68530]
Hiyoshi, Hisamoto; Sugihara, Kokichi, An interpolant based on line segment Voronoi diagrams, 119-128 [Zbl 0971.68588]
Ito, Hiro; Uehara, Hideyuki; Yokoyama, Mitsuo, 2-dimension ham sandwich theorem for partitioning into three convex pieces, 129-157 [Zbl 0973.52005]
Ito, Hiro; Uehara, Hideyuki; Yokoyama, Mitsuo, NP-completeness of stage illumination problems, 158-165 [Zbl 0961.68140]
Kaneko, Atsushi, On the maximum degree of bipartite embeddings of trees in the plane, 166-171 [Zbl 0959.05033]
Kranakis, Evangelos; Krizanc, Danny; Urrutia, Jorge, Efficient regular polygon dissections, 172-187 [Zbl 0976.52009]
Maehara, Hiroshi; Oshiro, Ai, On Soddy’s hexlet and a linked 4-pair, 188-198 [Zbl 0964.51022]
Matsui, Tomomi, Approximation algorithms for maximum independent set problems and fractional coloring problems on unit disk graphs, 194-200 [Zbl 0955.05100]
Mutoh, Nobuaki; Nakamura, Gisaku, Visibility of disks on the lattice points, 201-206 [Zbl 0971.68646]
Nagai, Takayuki; Yasutome, Seigo; Tokura, Nobuki, Convex hull problem with imprecise input, 207-219 [Zbl 0959.68127]
Nakamigawa, Tomoki, One-dimensional tilings with congruent copies of a 3-point set., 220-234 [Zbl 1035.52500]
Neagu, Manuela, Polygonal approximations for curved problems: An application to arrangements, 235-249 [Zbl 0956.65012]
Nielsen, Frank, Grouping and querying: A paradigm to get output-sensitive algorithms, 250-257 [Zbl 0971.68608]
O’Rourke, Joseph, Folding and unfolding in computational geometry, 258-266 [Zbl 0971.68602]
Pach, János, Crossing numbers, 267-273 [Zbl 0959.05032]
Rivera-Campo, Eduardo, A note on the existence of plane spanning trees of geometric graphs, 274-277 [Zbl 0956.05030]
Sakai, Toshinori, Embeddings of equilateral polygons in unit lattices, 278-289 [Zbl 0981.52009]
Schmitt, Dominique; Spehner, Jean-Claude, Order-\(k\) Voronoi diagrams, \(k\)-sections, and \(k\)-sets, 290-304 [Zbl 0957.68121]
Sugihara, Kokichi, “Impossible objects” are not necessarily impossible. Mathematical study on optical illusion, 305-316 [Zbl 0959.68543]
Tan, Xuehou, An efficient solution to the corridor search problem, 317-331 [Zbl 0957.68122]

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