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Geometry and curvature of diffeomorphism groups with \(H^1\) metric and mean hydrodynamics. (English) Zbl 0933.58010
Let \((M,\langle \cdot ,\cdot \rangle)\) be a closed oriented Riemannian manifold and \(\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\) the group of volume preserving diffeomorphisms of \(M\). The weak \(L^2\) right invariant Riemannian metric on \(\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\) is given by \[ \langle X,Y\rangle _{L^{2}}=\int_{M}\langle X(x),Y(x)\rangle \mu (x), \] where \(X,Y\in T_e\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\) are vector fields on \(M\) and \(\mu \) is the volume element on \(M\). V. I. Arnold, D. Ebin and J. Marsden showed that geodesics \(\eta _t\) of the weak \(L^2\) right invariant Riemannian metric on \(\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\) are motions of incompressible ideal fluids. D. D. Holm, J. E. Marsden and T. S. Ratiu [Adv. Math. 137, 1-81 (1998)] derived a new model for the mean motion of an ideal fluid in Euclidean space given by the equation \[ \dot{V}(t)+\nabla _{U(t)}V(t)-\alpha ^{2}[ \nabla U(t)] ^{t}\cdot \Delta U(t)=-\text{grad } p(t) \] where \(V=(1-\alpha ^{2}\Delta)U\), \(\text{div} U=0\).
In this paper, the equation of mean motion of an ideal fluid is generalized to the case of a manifold \(M\). This model corresponds to the weak \(H^1\) right invariant Riemannian metric on \(\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\) which is expressed as \[ \langle X,Y\rangle _{1}=\langle X,(1+\text{Ric})Y\rangle _{L^{2}}+\langle \nabla X,\nabla Y\rangle _{L^{2}} \] for \(X,Y\in T_e\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\). The following problems are investigated: \(H^1\)-covariant derivative and its geodesic flow on \(\mathcal D_\mu ^s(M)\), curvature of the \(H^1\)-metric, existence and uniqueness results for the Jacobi equation, stability and curvature.

58D05 Groups of diffeomorphisms and homeomorphisms as manifolds
76M30 Variational methods applied to problems in fluid mechanics
58B20 Riemannian, Finsler and other geometric structures on infinite-dimensional manifolds
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