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Optimization. Proceedings of the 9th Belgian-French-German conference, Namur, Belgium, September 7–11, 1998. (English) Zbl 0935.00054
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. 481. Berlin: Springer. ix, 498 p. DM 130.00; öS 949.00; sFr 118.50; £45.00; $ 96.00 (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (8th, 1996) has been indicated (see Zbl 0868.00068).
Indexed articles:
Antipin, Anatoly, Linearization method for solving equilibrium programming problems, 1-24 [Zbl 1052.90610]
Attouch, H.; Alvarez, F., The heavy ball with friction dynamical system for convex constrained minimization problems, 25-35 [Zbl 0980.90062]
Bergounioux, Maïtine; Kunisch, Karl, Active set strategy for constrained optimal control problems: The finite dimensional case, 36-54 [Zbl 0978.49026]
Bolintinéanu, Serban, Vector variational principles towards asymptotically well behaved vector convex functions, 55-68 [Zbl 1052.90603]
Bounkhel, M.; Thibault, L., Tangential regularity of Lipschitz epigraphic set-valued mappings, 69-82 [Zbl 0980.90068]
Brohé, Myrana; Tossings, Patricia, Relaxed assumptions for iteration methods, 83-90 [Zbl 0982.90065]
Cornet, Bernard; Czarnecki, Marc-Olivier, Approximation methods in equilibrium and fixed point theory. Proximally nondegenerate sets, 91-110 [Zbl 1052.90626]
Correa, Rafael; Seeger, Alberto, Eigenvalue localization for multivalued operators, 111-118 [Zbl 0961.47031]
Daniilidis, Aris, Arrow-Barankin-Blackwell theorems and related results in cone duality: A survey, 119-131 [Zbl 0982.90048]
Ferris, Michael C.; Sinapiromsaran, Krung, Formulating and solving nonlinear programs as mixed complementarity problems, 132-148 [Zbl 0973.90079]
Haubruge, Sylvianne; Nguyen, Van Hien; Strodiot, Jean-Jacques, Convergence analysis of a perturbed version of the \(\theta\)-scheme of Glowinski-Le Tallec, 149-163 [Zbl 0971.90060]
Henrion, René, Qualitative stability of convex programs with probabilistic constraints, 164-180 [Zbl 0972.90050]
Korf, Lisa A., An approximation framework for infinite horizon optimization problems in a mathematical programming setting, 181-202 [Zbl 0971.90101]
Korf, Lisa A.; Wets, Roger J.-B., An ergodic theorem for stochastic programming problems, 203-217 [Zbl 0973.90053]
Lehdili, N.; Ould Ahmed Salem, C., Proximal methods: Decomposition and selection, 218-233 [Zbl 0981.65075]
Lellep, Jaan, Optimization of plastic stepped plates subjected to impulsive loading, 234-249 [Zbl 0985.74052]
Lemaire, Bernard; Ould Ahmed Salem, Cheikh, From fixed point regularization to constraint decomposition in variational inequalities, 250-259 [Zbl 1034.90017]
Le Thi Hoai An; Pham Dinh Tao, Large scale molecular conformation via the exact distance geometry problem, 260-277 [Zbl 0982.90037]
Mahey, Philippe; Dussault, Jean-Pierre; Benchakroun, Abdelhamid; Hamdi, Abdelouahed, Adaptive scaling and convergence rates of a separable augmented Lagrangian algorithm, 278-287 [Zbl 0982.90050]
Malézieux, Jean-Baptiste; Culioli, Jean-Christophe, Numerical considerations on decomposition and augmented Lagrangians, 288-304 [Zbl 0982.90051]
Malivert, Christian; Popovici, Nicolae, Bicriteria linear fractional optimization, 305-319 [Zbl 0982.90055]
Moudafi, Abdellatif, Tikhonov fixed-point regularization, 320-328 [Zbl 1018.90068]
Oettli, Werner; Schläger, Dirk; Théra, Michel, Augmented Lagrangians for general side constraints, 329-338 [Zbl 1012.90042]
Oliveira, Paulo Roberto; dos Santos, Marcos Augusto, Using analytic center and cutting planes methods for nonsmooth convex programming, 339-356 [Zbl 1012.90036]
Penot, Jean-Paul, Recent advances on second-order optimality conditions, 357-380 [Zbl 0994.49016]
Recht, Peter, On some relations between generalized partial derivatives and convex functions, 381-395 [Zbl 0989.49021]
Salmon, Geneviève; Nguyen, Van Hien; Strodiot, Jean-Jacques, A perturbed and inexact version of the auxiliary problem method for solving general variational inequalities with a multivalued operator, 396-418 [Zbl 1017.90078]
Sekatzek, Matthias, Contributions to a multiplier rule for multiobjective optimization problems, 419-436 [Zbl 0985.90080]
Sha, D.; Cai, X.; Wong, C. K., The maximum flow in a time-varying network, 437-456 [Zbl 0985.90015]
Tsamasphyrou, Panagiota; Renaud, Arnaud; Carpentier, Pierre, Transmission network planning under uncertainty with Benders decomposition, 457-472 [Zbl 0982.90007]
Tuy, Hoang, On some recent advances and applications of d. c. optimization, 473-497 [Zbl 0982.90039]
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