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Computations with Markov chains. Proceedings of the 2nd international workshop on the numerical solution of Markov chains, Raleigh, NC, USA, January 16–18, 1995. (English) Zbl 0940.00042
Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xvi, 600 p. (1995).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop (1, 1990) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0733.00019).
Indexed articles:
Berson, Steven; Muntz, Richard, Detecting block GI/M/1 and block M/G/1 matrices from model specifications, 1-19 [Zbl 0862.60084]
Bini, Dario; Meini, Beatrice, On cyclic reduction applied to a class of Toeplitz-like matrices arising in queueing problems, 21-38 [Zbl 0862.60085]
Latouche, Guy; Schweitzer, Paul J., A Markov modulated, nearly completely decomposable M/M/1 queue, 39-48 [Zbl 0862.60086]
Saad, Yousef, Preconditioned Krylov subspace methods for the numerical solution of Markov chains, 49-64 [Zbl 0862.60054]
Benzi, M.; Sgallari, F.; Spaletta, G., A parallel block projection method of the Cimmino type for finite Markov chains, 65-80 [Zbl 0862.60055]
Chan, Raymond H.; Ching, Wai-ki, Iterative methods for queueing models with batch arrivals, 81-93 [Zbl 0862.60087]
Philippe, Bernard; Sidje, Roger B., Transient solutions of Markov processes by Krylov subspaces, 95-119 [Zbl 0862.60056]
Rindos, A.; Woolet, S.; Viniotis, I.; Trivedi, K., Exact methods for the transient analysis of nonhomogeneous continuous time Markov chains, 121-133 [Zbl 0862.60060]
Logothetis, Dimitris; Trivedi, Kishor, Time-dependent behavior of redundant systems with deterministic repair, 135-150 [Zbl 0862.60075]
Heyman, Daniel P.; O’Leary, Dianne P., What is fundamental for Markov chains: First passage times, fundamental matrices, and group generalized inverses, 151-161 [Zbl 0862.60051]
Grassmann, Winfried K.; Wang, Yuru, Immediate events in Markov chains, 163-176 [Zbl 0862.60057]
Hillston, Jane, Compositional Markovian modelling using a process algebra, 177-196 [Zbl 0861.90121]
Buchholz, Peter, Equivalence relations for stochastic automata networks, 197-215 [Zbl 0861.68004]
Fourneau, Jean-Michel; Quessette, Franck, Graphs and stochastic automata networks, 217-235 [Zbl 0862.60058]
Fishman, George S., Analyzing sample path data from Markov chain sampling experiments, 237-253 [Zbl 0858.62088]
Choudhury, Gagan L.; Leung, Kin K.; Whitt, Ward, Resource-sharing models with state-dependent arrivals of batches, 255-282 [Zbl 0865.60081]
Serin, Yasemin; Kulkarni, Vidyadhar G., Implementable policies: Discounted cost case, 283-306 [Zbl 0860.90127]
Semal, Pierre, Two bounding schemes for the steady-state solution of Markov chains, 307-320 [Zbl 0862.60059]
van den Hout, W. B.; Blanc, J. P. C., The power-series algorithm for Markovian queueing networks, 321-338 [Zbl 0862.60081]
Ciardo, Gianfranco, Discrete-time Markovian stochastic Petri nets, 339-358 [Zbl 0862.60079]
Catania, V.; Puliafito, A.; Scarpa, M.; Vita, L., Concurrent generalized Petri nets, 359-382 [Zbl 0870.60090]
Lindemann, Christoph, Exploiting isomorphisms and special structures in the analysis of Markov regenerative stochastic Petri nets, 383-402 [Zbl 0862.60080]
Krieger, Udo R., Numerical solution of large finite Markov chains by algebraic multigrid techniques, 403-424 [Zbl 0860.90061]
Leutenegger, Scott T.; Horton, Graham, On the utility of the multi-level algorithm for the solution of nearly completely decomposable Markov chains, 425-442 [Zbl 0862.60052]
Elsayed, Khaled M.; Perros, Harry G., A computationally efficient algorithm for characterizing the superposition of multiple heterogeneous interrupted Bernoulli processes, 443-462 [Zbl 0867.60083]
Li, San-qi; Sheng, Hong-Dah, Generalized Folding algorithm for transient analysis of finite QBD processes and its queueing applications, 463-481 [Zbl 0862.60088]
de Souza e Silva, Edmundo; Gail, H. Richard; Muntz, Richard R., Efficient solutions for a class of non-Markovian models, 483-506 [Zbl 0862.60076]
Elwalid, Anwar; Mitra, Debasis, Markovian arrival and service communication systems: Spectral expansions, separability and Kronecker-product forms, 507-546 [Zbl 0862.60089]
Diener, John D.; Sanders, William H., Empirical comparison of uniformization methods for continuous-time Markov chains, 547-570 [Zbl 0862.60061]
Latouche, Guy; Stewart, G. W., Numerical methods for M/G/1 type queues, 571-581 [Zbl 0871.60072]

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