An approach to declarative programming based on a rewriting logic. (English) Zbl 0942.68060

Summary: We propose an approach to declarative programming which integrates the functional and relational paradigms by taking possibly non-deterministic lazy functions as the fundamental notion. Classical equational logic does not supply a suitable semantics in a natural way. Therefore, we suggest to view programs as theories in a constructor-based conditional rewriting logic. We present proof calculi and a model theory for this logic, and we prove the existence of free term models which provide an adequate intended semantics for programs. We develop a sound and strongly complete lazy narrowing calculus, which is able to support sharing without the technical overhead of graph rewriting and to identify safe cases for eager variable elimination. Moreover, we give some illustrative programming examples, and we discuss the implementability of our approach.


68Q42 Grammars and rewriting systems
68N17 Logic programming


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