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Operator theory and its applications. Proceedings of the international conference, Winnipeg, Canada, October 7–11, 1998. (English) Zbl 0943.00054
AMAST Series in Computing. 25. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xviii, 574 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Strauss, Abraham, Functional models of regular symmetric operators, 1-13 [Zbl 0976.47003]
Ramm, A. G., Property C for ODEs and applications to inverse problems, 15-75 [Zbl 0964.34078]
Alber, Ya. I., Decomposition theorems in Banach spaces, 77-93 [Zbl 0971.46004]
Airapetyan, Ruben, On a new statement of inverse problem of quantum scattering theory, 95-110 [Zbl 0983.81100]
Ramm, A. G. (ed.); Shivakumar, P. N. (ed.), Abraham V. Strauss, xi-xiii [Zbl 0959.01018]
Ramm, A. G. (ed.); Shivakumar, P. N. (ed.), Publications of Abraham V. Strauss, xv-xviii [Zbl 0959.01019]
Airapetyan, Ruben G.; Ramm, Alexander G.; Smirnova, Alexandra B., Continuous methods for solving nonlinear ill-posed problems, 111-137 [Zbl 0964.47035]
Alpay, D.; Peretz, Y., Quasi-coisometric realizations of upper triangular matrices, 139-149 [Zbl 0962.47009]
Ball, J. A., Linear systems, operator model theory and scattering: Multivariable generalizations, 151-178 [Zbl 0973.93021]
Ball, J. A.; Young, N. J., Problems on the realization of functions, 179-185 [Zbl 0986.93014]
Belyi, Sergey; Tsekanovskii, Eduard, Multiplication theorems for \(J\)-contractive operator-valued functions, 187-210 [Zbl 0982.47016]
Berezansky, Yurij M., Spectral theory of commutative Jacobi fields: Direct and inverse problems, 211-224 [Zbl 0977.47016]
Crosta, Giovanni F., The forward propagation method applied to the inverse obstacle problem of electromagnetics, 225-238 [Zbl 0963.35193]
Eisner, Jan; Kučera, Milan, Spatial patterning in reaction-diffusion systems with nonstandard boundary conditions, 239-256 [Zbl 0969.35019]
Ětkin, Anatolii, On an abstract boundary value problem with the eigenvalue parameter in the boundary condition, 257-266 [Zbl 0966.47010]
Gesztesy, Fritz; Makarov, Konstantin A., Some applications of the spectral shift operator, 267-292 [Zbl 0966.47022]
Gutman, S.; Ramm, A. G., Application of the hybrid stochastic-deterministic minimization method to a surface data inverse scattering problem, 293-304 [Zbl 0960.35110]
Jäger, W.; Rejto, P., On a theorem of Mochizuki and Uchiyama about long range oscillating potentials. I, 305-329 [Zbl 1008.35011]
Khatskevich, V.; Senderov, V., Basic properties of linear fractional mappings of operator balls: Schroeder’s equation, 331-344 [Zbl 0972.47023]
Khruslov, Eugene Ya.; Pankratov, Leonid S., Homogenization of the Dirichlet variational problems in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces, 345-366 [Zbl 0961.49010]
Loginov, B. V.; Rakhimov, D. G.; Sidorov, N. A., Development of M. K. Gavurin’s pseudoperturbation method, 367-381 [Zbl 0974.47015]
López-Gómez, Julián, A bridge between operator theory and mathematical biology, 383-397 [Zbl 0986.47018]
Matvejchuk, Marjan, Measures on effects and on projections in spaces with indefinite metric, 399-414 [Zbl 0974.46049]
Nagai, Toshitaka, Concentration behavior of solutions to a chemotaxis system, 415-422 [Zbl 0966.35062]
Plato, R., The solution of linear semidefinite ill-posed problems by the conjugate residual method, 423-431 [Zbl 0961.65049]
Ramm, A. G., Justification of the limiting absorption principle in \(\mathbb{R}^2\), 433-440 [Zbl 0960.35020]
Ramm, A. G., Krein’s method in inverse scattering, 441-455 [Zbl 0966.34077]
Ramm, Alexander G.; Sammartino, Marco, Existence and uniqueness of the scattering solutions in the exterior of rough domains, 457-471 [Zbl 0958.35092]
Ruan, Shigui; Clements, John C., Existence and uniqueness of solutions of retarded quasilinear wave equations, 473-483 [Zbl 0974.35127]
Shifrin, Efim I.; Brank, Boštjan, On solution of elliptical interface crack problem, 485-496 [Zbl 0989.74063]
Shklyar, Alexander, Some new effects for complete second order linear differential equations in Hilbert spaces, 497-507 [Zbl 0965.34053]
Trenogin, Vladilen, Abstract boundary value problems for operator equations, 509-521 [Zbl 0979.47009]
Tsyganov, A. V., On spectral decompositions of a restriction of a differential operator, 523-530 [Zbl 0971.47018]
Voitovich, N. N.; Topolyuk, Yu. P.; Reshnyak, O. O., Approximation of compactly supported functions with free phase by functions with bounded spectrum, 531-541 [Zbl 0958.45002]
Yagola, Anatoly; Dorofeev, Konstantin, Sourcewise representation and a posteriori error estimates for ill-posed problems, 543-550 [Zbl 0958.65064]
Yamada, Yoshio, Coexistence states for Lotka-Volterra systems with cross-diffusion, 551-564 [Zbl 0962.35092]
Yamaguchi, Masaru; Yoshida, Hiroshi, Nonhomogeneous string problem with periodically moving boundaries, 565-574 [Zbl 0962.35017]
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