CONCUR 2000 – Concurrency theory. 11th international conference, University Park, PA, USA, August 22–25, 2000. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0944.00069

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1877. Berlin: Springer. xi, 612 p. DM 130.00; öS 949.00; sFr 118.50; £45.00; $ 91.00 (2000).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 0921.00028].
Indexed articles:
Shankar, Natarajan, Combining theorem proving and model checking through symbolic analysis, 1-16 [Zbl 0999.68523]
Brinksma, Ed, Verification is experimentation!, 17-24 [Zbl 0999.68552]
Stark, Eugene W., Compositional performance analysis using probabilistic I/O automata, 25-28 [Zbl 0999.68554]
Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto; Sgroi, Marco; Lavagno, Luciano, Formal models for communication-based design, 29-47 [Zbl 0999.68527]
De Nicola, Rocco; Ferrari, GianLuigi; Pugliese, Rosario, Programming access control: The KLAIM experience, 48-65 [Zbl 0999.68557]
Alur, Rajeev, Exploiting hierarchical structure for efficient formal verification, 66-68 [Zbl 0999.68559]
Gardner, Philippa, From process calculi to process frameworks, 69-88 [Zbl 0999.68137]
Ramakrishnan, C. R., Verification using tabled logic programming, 89-91 [Zbl 0999.68562]
Kupferman, Orna; Madhusudan, P.; Thiagarajan, P. S.; Vardi, Moshe Y., Open systems in reactive environments: Control and synthesis, 92-107 [Zbl 0999.68124]
Heljanko, Keijo, Model checking with finite complete prefixes is PSPACE-complete, 108-122 [Zbl 0999.68138]
Kwiatkowska, Marta; Norman, Gethin; Segala, Roberto; Sproston, Jeremy, Verifying quantitative properties of continuous probabilistic timed automata, 123-137 [Zbl 0999.68125]
Cassez, Franck; Larsen, Kim, The impressive power of stopwatches, 138-152 [Zbl 0999.68112]
Etessami, Kousha; Holzmann, Gerard J., Optimizing Büchi automata, 153-167 [Zbl 0999.68113]
Bruns, Glenn; Godefroid, Patrice, Generalized model checking: Reasoning about partial state spaces, 168-182 [Zbl 0999.68524]
Ibarra, Oscar H.; Bultan, Tevfik; Su, Jianwen, Reachability analysis for some models of infinite-state transition systems, 183-198 [Zbl 0999.68139]
Negulescu, Radu, Process spaces, 199-213 [Zbl 0999.68140]
de Boer, Frank S.; van Eijk, Rogier M.; van der Hoek, Wiebe; Meyer, John-Jules Ch., Failure semantics for the exchange of information in multi-agent systems, 214-228 [Zbl 0999.68210]
Ábrahám-Mumm, Erika; de Boer, Frank S., Proof-outlines for threads in Java, 229-242 [Zbl 0999.68504]
Leifer, James J.; Milner, Robin, Deriving bisimulation congruences for reactive systems, 243-258 [Zbl 0999.68141]
Bruni, Roberto; de Frutos-Escrig, David; Martí-Oliet, Narciso; Montanari, Ugo, Bisimilarity congruences for open terms and term graphs via tile logic, 259-274 [Zbl 0999.68142]
Ulidowski, Irek; Yuen, Shoji, Process languages for rooted eager bisimulation, 275-289 [Zbl 0999.68143]
Rensink, Arend, Action contraction, 290-304 [Zbl 0999.68528]
Bernardo, Marco; Cleaveland, Rance, A theory of testing for Markovian processes, 305-319 [Zbl 0999.68144]
Abdulla, Parosh; Baier, Christel; Iyer, Purushothaman; Jonsson, Bengt, Reasoning about probabilistic lossy channel systems, 320-333 [Zbl 0999.68145]
Philippou, Anna; Lee, Insup; Sokolsky, Oleg, Weak bisimulation for probabilistic systems, 334-349 [Zbl 0999.68146]
Mislove, Michael, Nondeterminism and probabilistic choice: Obeying the laws, 350-364 [Zbl 0999.68147]
Cardelli, Luca; Ghelli, Giorgio; Gordon, Andrew D., Secrecy and group creation, 365-379 [Zbl 0999.68148]
Amadio, Roberto M.; Lugiez, Denis, On the reachability problem in cryptographic protocols, 380-394 [Zbl 0999.94538]
Jürjens, Jan, Secure information flow for concurrent processes, 395-409 [Zbl 0999.68149]
Khomenko, Victor; Koutny, Maciej, LP deadlock checking using partial order dependencies, 410-425 [Zbl 0999.68529]
Kuske, Dietrich; Morin, Rémi, Pomsets for local trace languages – recognizability, logic \(\&\) Petri nets, 426-441 [Zbl 0999.68530]
Baldan, Paolo; Busi, Nadia; Corradini, Andrea; Pinna, G. Michele, Functional concurrent semantics for Petri nets with read and inhibitor arcs, 442-457 [Zbl 0999.68150]
de Alfaro, Luca; Henzinger, Thomas A.; Mang, Freddy Y. C., The control of synchronous systems, 458-473 [Zbl 0999.68531]
Ravara, António; Vasconcelos, Vasco T., Typing non-uniform concurrent objects, 474-488 [Zbl 0999.68151]
Kobayashi, Naoki; Saito, Shin; Sumii, Eijiro, An implicitly-typed deadlock-free process calculus, 489-503 [Zbl 0999.68532]
Bugliesi, Michele; Castagna, Giuseppe; Crafa, Silvia, Typed mobile objects, 504-520 [Zbl 0999.68505]
Mukund, Madhavan; Narayan Kumar, K.; Sohoni, Milind, Synthesizing distributed finite-state systems from MSCs, 521-535 [Zbl 0999.68114]
Kuske, Dietrich, Emptiness is decidable for asynchronous cellular machines, 536-551 [Zbl 0999.68132]
Charron-Bost, Bernadette; Toueg, Sam; Basu, Anindya, Revisiting safety and liveness in the context of failures, 552-565 [Zbl 0999.68152]
Finkel, Alain; Iyer, Purushothaman; Sutre, Gregoire, Well-abstracted transition systems (extended abstract), 566-580 [Zbl 0999.68533]
Lazić, Ranko; Nowak, David, A unifying approach to data-independence, 581-595 [Zbl 0999.68126]
Fu, Yuxi; Yang, Zhenrong, Chi calculus with mismatch, 596-610 [Zbl 0999.68153]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68Q85 Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.)


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