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Polytopes - combinatorics and computation. DMV-seminar Oberwolfach, Germany, November 1997. (English) Zbl 0944.00089
DMV Seminar. 29. Basel: Birkhäuser. 225 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Ziegler, Günter M., Lectures on 0/1-polytopes, 1-41 [Zbl 0966.52012]
Gawrilow, Ewgenij; Joswig, Michael, polymake: a framework for analyzing convex polytopes, 43-73 [Zbl 0960.68182]
Kalai, Gil; Kleinschmidt, Peter; Meisinger, Günter, Flag numbers and FLAGTOOL, 75-103 [Zbl 0960.68184]
Höppner, Andrea; Ziegler, Günter M., A census of flag-vectors of 4-polytopes, 105-110 [Zbl 0966.52008]
Aichholzer, Oswin, Extremal properties of 0/1-polytopes of dimension 5, 111-130 [Zbl 0966.52011]
Büeler, Benno; Enge, Andreas; Fukuda, Komei, Exact volume computation for polytopes: A practical study, 131-154 [Zbl 0960.68162]
Achatz, Hans; Kleinschmidt, Peter, Reconstructing a simple polytope from its graph, 155-165 [Zbl 0967.52004]
Joswig, Michael, Reconstructing a non-simple polytope from its graph, 167-176 [Zbl 0971.52013]
Avis, David, A revised implementation of the reverse search vertex enumeration algorithm, 177-198 [Zbl 0960.68171]
Bartels, Sven G., The complexity of Yamnistsky and Levin’s simplices algorithm, 199-225 [Zbl 0971.68074]

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polymake; FLAGTOOL