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Tricomi’s ideas and contemporary applied mathematics. Proceedings of the international conference held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Francesco G. Tricomi, Rome, Italy, November 28–29 and Turin, Italy, December 1–2, 1997. (English) Zbl 0948.00034
Atti dei Convegni Lincei. 147. Rome: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 322 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Germain, Paul, The Tricomi equation, its solutions and their applications in fluid dynamics, 7-26 [Zbl 0980.35114]
Moretti, Gino, Lights and shadows on transonic aerodynamics across a hundred years, 27-38 [Zbl 0971.76003]
Gottlieb, David; Shu, Chi-Wang, A general theory for the resolution of the Gibbs phenomenon, 39-48 [Zbl 1007.42021]
Wendland, Wolfgang L., On boundary integral equations and applications, 49-71k [Zbl 0970.65127]
Prössdorf, Siegfried, Tricomi’s composition formula and the analysis of multiwavelet approximation methods for boundary integral equations, 73-91 [Zbl 0970.65128]
Moiseev, Evgeny Ivanovich, On spectral problem for the Tricomi equation, 93-101 [Zbl 0968.35087]
Monegato, Giovanni, Numerical resolution of the generalized airfoil equation with Possio kernel., 103-121 [Zbl 1071.65562]
Askey, Richard, A class of non-orthogonal polynomials discovered by F. G. Tricomi, 123-136 [Zbl 0970.33007]
Gatteschi, Luigi, New results on some two-dimensional iterative algorithms, 137-159 [Zbl 0967.33002]
Carlson, Bille Chandler, Elliptic integrals: Symmetry and symbolic integration, 161-181 [Zbl 0968.33009]
Temme, Nico M., Recent problems from uniform asymptotic analysis of integrals in particular in connection with Tricomi’s \(\Psi\)-function, 183-201 [Zbl 0967.33003]
Gautschi, Walter, The incomplete gamma functions since Tricomi, 203-237 [Zbl 0965.33001]
Olver, Frank William John, Practical problems in the solution of high-order linear differential equations, 239-249 [Zbl 0985.34081]
Mawhin, Jean, From Tricomi’s equation for synchronous motors to the periodically forced pendulum, 251-269 [Zbl 0980.34036]
Lerda, Francesco, My meeting with Tricomi’s scientific personality: From differential equations to artificial intelligence, 271-279 [Zbl 0973.01039]
Zanolin, Fabio, Time-maps and boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations, 281-302 [Zbl 0987.34014]
Regazzini, Eugenio, An example of the interplay between statistics and special functions., 303-320 [Zbl 1136.33301]
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35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations
34-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to ordinary differential equations
Biographic References:
Tricomi, Francesco G.