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Stochastic processes: Theory and methods. (English) Zbl 0961.60001
Handbook of Statistics. 19. Amsterdam: North-Holland/ Elsevier. xvii, 967 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Arnold, Barry C., Pareto processes, 1-33 [Zbl 0981.60036]
Athreya, K. B.; Vidyashankar, A. N., Branching processes, 35-53 [Zbl 0988.60081]
Basawa, I. V., Inference in stochastic processes, 55-77 [Zbl 0972.62067]
Barbour, A. D., Topics in Poisson approximation, 79-115 [Zbl 0981.60021]
Bertoin, Jean, Some elements on Lévy processes, 117-144 [Zbl 0982.60042]
Bhattacharya, Rabi; Waymire, Edward C., Iterated random maps and some classes of Markov processes, 145-170 [Zbl 0982.60070]
Bingham, N. H., Random walk and fluctuation theory, 171-213 [Zbl 0982.60038]
Bobrowski, Adam; Kimmel, Marek; Arino, Ovide; Chakraborty, Ranajit, A semigroup representation and asymptotic behavior of certain statistics of the Fisher-Wright-Moran coalescent, 215-247 [Zbl 1004.92026]
Brockwell, P. J., Continuous-time ARMA processes, 249-276 [Zbl 1011.62088]
Bunge, John; Goldie, Charles M., Record sequences and their applications., 277-308 [Zbl 1086.62502]
Daduna, Hans, Stochastic networks with product form equilibrium, 309-364 [Zbl 0983.60089]
Embrechts, Paul; Frey, Rüdiger; Furrer, Hansjörg, Stochastic processes in insurance and finance, 365-412 [Zbl 0979.60025]
Grey, D. R., Renewal theory, 413-441 [Zbl 0994.60081]
Kakihara, Yûichirô, The Kolmogorov isomorphism theorem and extensions to some nonstationary processes, 443-470 [Zbl 0993.60034]
Kijima, Masaaki; Li, Haijun; Shaked, Moshe, Stochastic processes in reliability, 471-510 [Zbl 0980.60108]
Kłopotowski, A.; Nadkarni, M. G., On the supports of stochastic processes of multiplicity one, 511-531 [Zbl 0986.60047]
Li, W. V.; Shao, Q.-M., Gaussian processes: Inequalities, small ball probabilities and applications, 533-597 [Zbl 0987.60053]
Milne, Robin K., Point processes and some related processes, 599-641 [Zbl 0983.60044]
Prakaso Rao, B. L. S., Characterization and identifiability for stochastic processes, 643-691 [Zbl 0981.60034]
Prakasa Rao, B. L. S.; Dewan, Isha, Associated sequences and related inference problems., 693-731 [Zbl 1036.62049]
Rao, C. R.; Shanbhag, D. N., Exchangeability, functional equations, and characterizations, 733-763 [Zbl 0983.60024]
Rao, M. M., Martingales and some applications, 765-816 [Zbl 0984.60043]
Tweedie, R. L., Markov chains: Structure and applications, 817-851 [Zbl 1026.60510]
Varadhan, S. R. S., Diffusion processes, 853-872 [Zbl 0986.60075]
Watanabe, Shinzo, Itô’s stochastic calculus and its applications, 873-933 [Zbl 0980.60087]
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