Stability and transition in shear flows. (English) Zbl 0966.76003

Applied Mathematical Sciences. 142. New York, NY: Springer. xiii, 556 p. DM 159.00; öS 1161.00; sFr 137.00; £55.00; $ 79.95 (2001).
The book addresses to graduate students as well as to a broad community of researchers with a basic knowledge of fundamental fluid dynamics. It consists of an introduction, two parts, an appendix, bibliography and subject index. The first part “Temporal stability of parallel shear flows” exposes the fundamental concepts underlying the hydrodynamic stability theory. The second part “Stability of complex flows and transition” deals with more advanced topics. They include some transition scenarios. The topics are treated with mathematical rigor while the physical motivation and usefulness of mathematical concepts is kept close at hand. The work is elegantly structured, and the graphical material is very suggestive.


76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
76E05 Parallel shear flows in hydrodynamic stability
76F06 Transition to turbulence
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