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CP98. Workshop on large scale combinatorial optimisation and constraints. Pisa, Italy, October 30, 1998. (English) Zbl 0968.90003
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics. 1. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 8 papers (electronic) (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Jacquet-Lagrèze, Eric; Lebbar, Maria, A column generation model for a scheduling problem with maintenance constraints, 1-12, electronic only [Zbl 1130.90329]
Focacci, Filippo; Lodi, Andrea; Milano, Michela; Vigo, Daniele, Solving TSP through the integration of OR and CP techniques, 13-25 , electronic only [Zbl 0990.90553]
Burg, Jennifer J.; Ainsworth, John; Casto, Brian; Lang, Sheau-Dong, Experiments with the “Oregon Trail knapsack problem”, 26-35, electronic only [Zbl 0990.90537]
Domenjoud, Eric; Kirchner, Claude; Zhou, Jianyang, Generating feasible schedules for a pick-up and delivery problem, 36-47, electronic only [Zbl 0990.90541]
Pesant, Gilles; Soriano, Patrick, An optimal strategy for the constrained cycle cover problem, 48-60, electronic only [Zbl 0990.90532]
Prestwich, Steven, Using an incomplete version of dynamic backtracking for graph colouring, 61-73, electronic only [Zbl 1039.90530]
Zupanič, Darko, Values suggestion in mixed integer programming by machine learning algorithm, 74-83, electronic only [Zbl 0990.90560]
Heipcke, Susanne, An example of integrating constraint programming and mathematical programming, 84, electronic only [Zbl 0990.90531]
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