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Inherently parallel algorithms in feasibility and optimization and their applications. Research workshop, Haifa, Israel, March 13–16, 2000. (English) Zbl 0971.00058
Studies in Computational Mathematics. 8. Amsterdam: North-Holland/ Elsevier. x, 504 p. Dfl 310.00; EUR 140.67; $ 152.50 (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Auslender, A.; Teboulle, Marc, A log-quadratic projection method for convex feasibility problems, 1-9 [Zbl 0987.90066]
Bauschke, Heinz H., Projection algorithms: Results and open problems, 11-22 [Zbl 0991.65050]
Bauschke, Heinz H.; Borwein, Jonathan M., Joint and separate convexity of the Bregman distance., 23-36 [Zbl 1160.65319]
Bregman, L. M.; Fokin, I. N., A parallel algorithm for non-cooperative resource allocation games, 37-48 [Zbl 0985.91002]
Butnariu, Dan; Reich, Simeon; Zaslavski, Alexander J., Asymptotic behavior of quasi-nonexpansive mappings., 49-68 [Zbl 1034.47019]
Butnariu, Dan; Resmerita, Elena, The outer Bergman projection method for stochastic feasibility problems in Banach spaces., 69-86 [Zbl 1160.90691]
Byrne, Charles, Bregman-Legendre multidistance projection algorithms for convex feasibility and optimization, 87-99 [Zbl 0990.90094]
Censor, Y.; Elfving, T.; Herman, G. T., Averaging strings of sequential iterations for convex feasibility problems., 101-113 [Zbl 1160.65320]
Combettes, Patrick L., Quasi-Fejérian analysis of some optimization algorithms, 115-152 [Zbl 0992.65065]
Dax, Achiya, On theory and practice of row relaxation methods., 153-166 [Zbl 1160.90574]
De Pierro, Alvaro R., From parallel to sequential projection methods and vice versa in convex feasibility: Results and conjectures., 187-201 [Zbl 1085.90516]
Deutsch, F., Accelerating the convergence of the method of alternating projections via a line search: A brief survey, 203-217 [Zbl 0991.65048]
Eckstein, Jonathan; Phillips, Cynthia A.; Hart, William E., PICO: An object-oriented framework for parallel branch and bound, 219-265 [Zbl 0989.90130]
Flåm, Sjur Didrik, Approaching equilibrium in parallel, 267-278 [Zbl 0996.91019]
Gabour, Manal; Reich, Simeon; Zaslavski, Alexander J., Generic convergence of algorithms for solving stochastic feasibility problems, 279-295 [Zbl 0990.65060]
García-Palomares, Ubaldo M., Superlinear rate of convergence and optimal acceleration schemes in the solution of convex inequality problems., 297-305 [Zbl 1036.90054]
Herman, G. T.; Matej, S.; Carvalho, B. M., Algebraic reconstruction techniques using smooth basis functions for helical cone-beam tomography, 307-334 [Zbl 1007.92025]
Hundal, Hein S., Compact operators as products of projections, 325-334 [Zbl 1012.47008]
Kiwiel, K. C.; Lindberg, P. O., Parallel subgradient methods for convex optimization., 335-344 [Zbl 1039.90052]
Levin, Yuri; Ben-Israel, Adi, Directional Halley and quasi-Halley methods in \(n\) variables, 345-367 [Zbl 0990.65052]
Moudafi, Abdellatif; Théra, Michel, Ergodic convergence to a zero of the extended sum of two maximal monotone operators., 369-379 [Zbl 1044.47039]
Nedić, A.; Bertsekas, D. P.; Borkar, V. S., Distributed asynchronous incremental subgradient methods, 381-407 [Zbl 0997.90102]
Polyak, B. T., Random algorithms for solving convex inequalities, 409-422 [Zbl 0997.90053]
Saad, Y., Parallel iterative methods for sparse linear systems, 423-440 [Zbl 1002.65042]
Sagastizábal, Claudia A.; Solodov, Mikhail V., On the relation between bundle methods for maximal monotone inclusions and hybrid proximal point algorithms, 441-455 [Zbl 0991.65046]
Scolnik, H.; Echebest, N.; Guardarucci, M. T.; Vacchino, M. C., New optimized and accelerated PAM methods for solving large non-symmetric linear systems: Theory and practice, 457-471 [Zbl 1003.65027]
Yamada, Isao, The hybrid steepest descent method for the variational inequality problem over the intersection of fixed point sets of nonexpansive mappings, 473-504 [Zbl 1013.49005]

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