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The Navier-Stokes equations: theory and numerical methods. Proceedings of the international conference, Varenna, Lecco, Italy, 2000. (English) Zbl 0972.00046
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics 223. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker (ISBN 0-8247-0672-2/pbk). viii, 293 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (1997) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0927.00032).
Indexed articles:
Boukrouche, Mahdi, A Reynolds equation derived from the micropolar Navier-Stokes system, 1-18 [Zbl 1007.35080]
Cannone, Marco; Planchon, Fabrice, More Lyapunov functions for the Navier-Stokes equations, 19-26 [Zbl 0999.35071]
Coscia, Vincenzo; Guidoboni, Giovanna; Padula, Mariarosaria, On the nonlinear stability of the magnetic Bénard problem, 27-32 [Zbl 1107.76326]
Hlomuka, Joe V.; Sauer, Niko, Stability of Navier-Stokes flows through permeable boundaries, 33-43 [Zbl 1107.76327]
Ishimura, Naoyuki, On steady solutions of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation, 45-51 [Zbl 1006.34010]
Maremonti, Paolo; Russo, Remigio; Starita, Giulio, Classical solutions to the stationary Navier-Stokes system in exterior domains, 53-64 [Zbl 0999.35070]
Morimoto, Hiroko; Fujita, Hiroshi, Stationary Navier-Stokes flow in 2-dimensional Y-shape channel under general outflow condition, 65-72 [Zbl 0995.35047]
Saito, Norikazu; Fujita, Hiroshi, Regularity of solutions to the Stokes equations under a certain nonlinear boundary condition, 73-86 [Zbl 0995.35048]
Salvi, Rodolfo, Viscous incompressible flow in unbounded domains, 87-98 [Zbl 1012.35063]
Secchi, Paolo, Life span and global existence of 2-D compressible fluids, 99-111 [Zbl 0997.35052]
Solonnikov, Vsevolod, On the theory of nonstationary hydrodynamic potentials, 113-129 [Zbl 0995.35044]
Taniuchi, Yasushi, A note on the blow-up criterion for the inviscid 2-D Boussinesq equations, 131-140 [Zbl 0991.35070]
Zlotnik, Alexander; Amosov, Andrey, Weak solutions to viscous heat-conducting gas 1D-equations with discontinuous data: Global existence, uniqueness, and regularity, 141-158 [Zbl 1007.35081]
Chae, Dongho; Lee, Jihoon, Regularity criteria of the axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations, 159-165 [Zbl 0991.35063]
Choe, Hi Jun; Lee, Sanghyuk, Boundary singular sets for Stokes equations, 167-177 [Zbl 1034.35088]
Fursikov, A. V., Feedback stabilization for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations, 179-196 [Zbl 0997.93049]
Kazhikhov, Alexandre V., Approximation of weak limits via method of averaging with applications to Navier-Stokes equations, 197-204 [Zbl 0990.46017]
Miyakawa, Tetsuro, Asymptotic profiles of nonstationary incompressible Navier-Stokes flows in \(\mathbb{R}^n\) and \(\mathbb{R}_+^n\), 205-219 [Zbl 1012.35062]
Nečasová, Sárka; Penel, Patrick, Remark on the \(L^2\) decay for weak solution to equations of non-Newtonian incompressible fluids in the whole space. II, 221-232 [Zbl 1107.76311]
Krause, Egon, Navier-Stokes simulations of vortex flows, 233-246 [Zbl 1008.76052]
Kräutle, S.; Wielage, K., Numerical results for the CGBI method to viscous channel flow, 247-255 [Zbl 1122.76358]
Marengo, Marco; Scardovelli, Rubens; Josserand, Christophe; Zaleski, Stephane, Isothermal drop-wall interactions. Introduction to experimental and numerical studies, 257-277 [Zbl 1122.76359]
Ohmori, Katsushi, Convergence of the interface in the finite element approximation for two-fluid flows, 279-293 [Zbl 1122.76349]
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