Essays and surveys in metaheuristics. Selected papers of the Third Metaheuristics International Conference held in Angra dos Reis, Brazil, July 1999. (English) Zbl 0976.00017

Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series. 15. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 651 p. (2002).

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Essays and Surveys in Metaheuristics is not only a conference proceedings. This book innovates with respect to the two previous ones, in containing a series of surveys on recent developments of the main metaheuristics. Well-known specialists have written surveys on the following subjects:
simulated annealing (E. Aarts and J. Korst, The Netherlands), noising methods (I. Charon and O. Hudry, France), parallel implementation of metaheuristics (V.-D. Cung and C. Roucairol, France, and S. L. Martins and C. C. Ribeiro, Brazil), greedy randomized adaptive search procedures (P. Festa, Italy, and M.G.C. Resende, USA), tabu search (M. Gendreau, Canada), variable neighborhood search (P. Hansen and N. Mladenovic, Canada), ant colonies (V. Maniezzo and A. Carbonaro, Italy), and evolutionary algorithms (H. Mühlenbein and Th. Mahnig, Germany).
Several further essays address issues or variants of metaheuristics: use of metaheuristics within exact algorithms (G. Desaulniers and J. Desrosiers, Canada, and M.M. Solomon, USA), performance of metaheuristics (S.H. Jacobson, USA), intensification neighborhoods (T. Mautor, France), Lagrangean tabu search (T. Grünert, Germany), partial optimization (E. Taillard, Switzerland, and S. Voss, Germany), and subcost guided simulated annealing (M. Wright, UK).
Finally, a large part of the book is devoted to innovative or successful applications of metaheuristics to classical or new combinatorial optimization problems.
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Aarts, Emile; Korst, Jan, Selected topics in simulated annealing, 1-37 [Zbl 1002.90096]
Bastos, Marcelo P.; Ribeiro, Celso C., Reactive tabu search with path-relinking for the Steiner problem in graphs, 39-58 [Zbl 1006.90067]
Binato, S.; Hery, W. J.; Loewenstern, D. M.; Resende, M. G. C., A grasp for job shop scheduling, 59-79 [Zbl 1006.90040]
Binato, Silvio; Oliveira, Gerson Couto, A reactive grasp for transmission network expansion planning, 81-100 [Zbl 1005.90011]
Błażewicz, Jacek; Salvador, Adrian Moret; Walkowiak, Rafał, Tabu search for two-dimensional irregular cutting,, 101-128 [Zbl 1017.90129]
Borges, Pedro Castro; Hansen, Michael Pilegaard, A study of global convexity for a multiple objective travelleling salesman problem, 129-150 [Zbl 1005.90049]
Brandão, José, A lower bound based meta-heuristic for the vehicle routing problem, 151-168 [Zbl 1006.90018]
Candia, Alfredo; Bravo, Hugo, A simulated annealing approach for minimum cost isolated failure immune networks, 169-183 [Zbl 1005.90014]
Carreto, Carlos; Baker, Barrie, A grasp interactive approach to the vehicle routing problem with backhauls, 185-199 [Zbl 1005.90512]
Cavalcante, Cristina C. B.; Cavalcante, Victor F.; Ribeiro, Celso C.; de Souza, Cid C., Parallel cooperative approaches for the labor constrained scheduling problem, 201-225 [Zbl 1006.90041]
Cavique, Luís; Rego, César; Themido, Isabel, A scatter search algorithm for the maximum clique problem, 227-244 [Zbl 1006.90069]
Charon, Irène; Hudry, Olivier, The noising methods: A survey, 245-261 [Zbl 1005.90051]
Cung, Van-Dat; Martins, Simone L.; Ribeiro, Celso C.; Roucairol, Catherine, Strategies for the parallel implementation of metaheuristics, 263-308 [Zbl 1005.90066]
Desaulniers, Guy; Desrosiers, Jacques; Solomon, Marius M., Accelerating strategies in column generation methods for vehicle routing and crew scheduling problems, 309-324 [Zbl 1017.90045]
Festa, Paola; Resende, Mauricio G. C., GRASP: An annoted bibliography, 325-367 [Zbl 1017.90001]
Gendreau, Michel, Recent advances in tabu search, 369-377 [Zbl 1006.90090]
Günert, Tore, Lagrangean tabu search, 379-397 [Zbl 1006.90071]
Han, Anthony Fu-Wha; Cho, Yuh-Jen, A GIDS metaheuristic approach to the fleet size and mix vehicle routing problem, 399-413 [Zbl 1005.90518]
Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad, Developments of variable neighborhood search, 415-439 [Zbl 1017.90130]
Jacobson, Sheldon H., Analyzing the performance of local search algorithms using generalized hill climbing algorithms, 441-467 [Zbl 1017.90131]
Maniezzo, Vittorio; Carbonaro, Antonella, Ant colony optimization: An overview, 469-492 [Zbl 1005.90001]
Mautor, Thierry, Intensification neighborhoods for local search methods, 493-508 [Zbl 1006.90091]
Montenegro, Flávio; Maculan, Nelson; Plateau, Gérard; Boucher, Patrick, New heuristics for the Euclidean Steiner problem in \(\mathbb{R}^n\), 509-524 [Zbl 1006.90072]
Mühlenbein, H.; Mahnig, Th., Mathematical analysis of evolutionary algorithms, 525-556 [Zbl 1005.90067]
Nonobe, Koji; Ibaraki, Toshihide, Formulation and tabu search algorithm for the resource constrained project scheduling problem., 557-588 [Zbl 1048.90116]
Stützle, Thomas; Hoos, Holger H., Analysing the run-time behaviour of iterated local search for the travelling salesman problem., 589-611 [Zbl 1049.90080]
Taillard, Éric D.; Voss, Stefan, POPMUSIC – partial optimization metaheuristic under special intensification conditions, 613-629 [Zbl 1017.90132]
Wright, Mike, Subcost-guided simulated annealing, 631-639 [Zbl 1049.90140]
Yamada, Takeshi, A pruning pattern list approach to the permutation flowshop scheduling problem., 641-651 [Zbl 1048.90111]


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