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Nature, mathematics and history. Research on Alexander von Humboldt and on mathematical historiography. (Natur, Mathematik und Geschichte. Beiträge zur Alexander-von-Humboldt-Forschung und zur Mathematikhistoriographie.) (German, English) Zbl 0988.00020
Acta Historica Leopoldina. 27. Halle/Saale: Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina. 367 S. (1997).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Beck, Hanno, Memories of Kurt-R. Biermann, 9-13 [Zbl 1104.01310]
Bölling, Reinhard, Kummer before the invention of the “ideal complex numbers”: the year 1844, 145-157 [Zbl 1104.01301]
Folkerts, Menso, “A friendly relationship”: J. L. Tiarks and C. F. Gauß, 159-174 [Zbl 1104.01312]
Franksen, Ole Immanuel, Boole’s development process revisited: from an array-theoretic viewpoint, 175-188 [Zbl 1104.01302]
Hlawka, Edmund, The idea of “arbitrary” functions of Poincaré in the course of a century, 189-200 [Zbl 1104.01305]
Lausch, Hans, Moses Mendelssohn – “Wir müssen uns auf Wahrscheinlichkeiten stützen”., 201-213 [Zbl 1082.01520]
Murata, Tamotsu, A comparison between Japanese and European mathematics in the 17th and 18th century, 215-222 [Zbl 1104.01300]
Pieper, Herbert, On Legendre’s attempts to prove the quadratic reciprocity law, 223-237 [Zbl 1104.01303]
Siegmund-Schultze, Reinhard, The “prevailing mathematical system” at Berlin University around 1892, from the viewpoint of Felix Klein in Göttingen: a study on the “space of science”, 239-255 [Zbl 1104.01304]
Thiele, Rüdiger, The quarrel between Johann Bernoulli and his brother Jakob, 257-276 [Zbl 1104.01319]
Kleinert, Andreas; Scriba, Christoph J., Der Nachlaß von Hans Schimank (1888–1979). Bericht über ein Seminar., 287-314 [Zbl 1065.01505]
Neumann, Olaf, Class notes on Dirichlet-Dedekind-Kummer topics: written by Paul Bachmann (1837–1920), 315-318 [Zbl 1065.01503]
Stürzbecher, Manfred, Dr. med. Albert Fleck and the search for his Fermat clinic, 339-346 [Zbl 1370.01021]

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