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Facility location. Applications and theory. (English) Zbl 0988.00044
Berlin: Springer. xvi, 457 p. EUR 89.95 (net); sFr 149.00; £63.00; $ 79.95 (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Drezner, Zvi; Klamroth, Kathrin; Schöbel, Anita; Wesolowsky, George O., The Weber problem, 1-36 [Zbl 1041.90023]
Plastria, Frank, Continuous covering location problems, 37-79 [Zbl 1013.90089]
Current, John; Daskin, Mark; Schilling, David, Discrete network location models, 81-118 [Zbl 1061.90070]
Marianov, Vladimir; Serra, Daniel, Location problems in the public sector, 119-150 [Zbl 1061.90073]
Drezner, Tammy; Eiselt, H. A., Consumers in competitive location models, 151-178 [Zbl 1133.90362]
Bozkaya, Burçin; Zhang, Jianjun; Erkut, Erhan, An efficient genetic algorithm for the \(p\)-median problem, 179-205 [Zbl 1005.90041]
Francis, Richard L.; Lowe, Timothy J.; Tamir, Arie, Demand point aggregation for location models, 207-232 [Zbl 1018.90023]
Bender, Thorsten; Hennes, Holger; Kalcsics, Jörg; Melo, M. Teresa; Nickel, Stefan, Location software and interface with GIS and supply chain management, 233-274 [Zbl 1027.90052]
Gourdin, Eric; Labbé, Martine; Yaman, Hande, Telecommunication and location, 275-305 [Zbl 1061.90071]
ReVelle, Charles; Williams, Justin C., Reserve design and facility siting, 307-328 [Zbl 1061.90075]
Berman, Oded; Krass, Dmitry, Facility location problems with stochastic demands and congestion, 329-371 [Zbl 1061.90068]
Campbell, James F.; Ernst, Andreas T.; Krishnamoorthy, Mohan, Hub location problems, 373-407 [Zbl 1061.90069]
Karch, Oliver; Noltemeier, Hartmut; Wahl, Thomas, Location and robotics, 409-438 [Zbl 1042.90028]
Rendl, Franz, The quadratic assignment problem, 439-457 [Zbl 1009.90097]

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