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In and out of equilibrium. Probability with a physics flavor. Papers from the 4th Brazilian school of probability, Mambucaba, Brazil, August 14–19, 2000. (English) Zbl 0996.00040
Progress in Probability. 51. Boston: Birkhäuser. viii, 472 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
van den Berg, J.; Kesten, Harry, Randomly coalescing random walk in dimension \(\geq 3\), 1-45 [Zbl 1017.60056]
Alexander, Kenneth, The single droplet theorem for random cluster models, 47-73 [Zbl 1011.60083]
Bodineau, Thierry, Phase coexistence for the Kac-Ising models, 75-111 [Zbl 1009.82009]
Lawler, Gregory F.; Schramm, Oded; Werner, Wendelin, Sharp estimates for Brownian non-intersection probabilities, 113-131 [Zbl 1011.60062]
Liggett, Thomas M., Tagged particle distributions or how to choose a head at random., 133-162 [Zbl 1108.60319]
Camia, Federico; Newman, Charles M.; Sidoravicius, Vladas, Approach to fixation for zero-temperature stochastic Ising models on the hexagonal lattice, 163-183 [Zbl 1011.60084]
Prähofer, Michael; Spohn, Herbert, Current fluctuations for the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process, 185-204 [Zbl 1015.60093]
Wüthrich, Mario V., Asymptotic behaviour of semi-infinite geodesics for maximal increasing subsequences in the plane, 205-226 [Zbl 1011.60085]
Tóth, Bálint; Werner, Wendelin, Hydrodynamic equation for a deposition model, 227-248 [Zbl 1013.35053]
Quastel, Jeremy, Time reversal of degenerate diffusions, 249-257 [Zbl 1017.60088]
Cancrini, Nicoletta; Martinelli, Fabio; Roberto, Cyril, Spectral gap and logarithmic Sobolev constant of Kawasaki dynamics under a mixing condition revisited, 259-271 [Zbl 1014.82018]
Grimmett, Geoffrey; Hiemer, Philipp, Directed percolation and random walk, 273-297 [Zbl 1010.60087]
Holroyd, Alexander E., Entanglement and rigidity in percolation models, 299-307 [Zbl 1011.60089]
Toom, André, On critical values for some random processes with local interaction in \(\mathbb R^2\)., 309-319 [Zbl 1078.60087]
Azaïs, Jean-Marc; Wschebor, Mario, The distribution of the maximum of a Gaussian process: Rice method revisited, 321-348 [Zbl 1018.60036]
Lőrinczi, József, Gibbs measures on Brownian paths, 349-362 [Zbl 1031.60073]
Ueltschi, Daniel, Geometric and probabilistic aspects of boson lattice models, 363-391 [Zbl 1013.82006]
Pfister, Charles-Edouard, Thermodynamical aspects of classical lattice systems, 393-472 [Zbl 1012.60032]
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