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Artificial intelligence: methodology, systems, and applications. 10th international conference, AIMSA 2002, Varna, Bulgaria, September 4–6, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0997.00024
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2443. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. x, 279 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (9th, 2000) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0947.00035).
Indexed articles:
House, David; Granström, Björn, Multimodal speech synthesis: Improving information flow in dialogue systems using 3D talking heads, 1-10 [Zbl 1020.68674]
Popelínský, Luboš, Efficient relational learning from sparse data, 11-20 [Zbl 1020.68510]
Smirnov, E. N.; Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper, I. G.; van den Herik, H. J., Efficient instance retraction, 21-30 [Zbl 1020.68511]
Osmani, A., Learning patterns in multidimensional space using interval algebra, 31-40 [Zbl 1020.68072]
Monsifrot, Antoine; Bodin, François; Quiniou, René, A machine learning approach to automatic production of compiler heuristics, 41-50 [Zbl 1020.68817]
Grégoire, Éric; Mazure, Bertrand; Saïs, Lakhdar, Using failed local search for SAT as an oracle for tackling harder A. I. problems more efficiently, 51-60 [Zbl 1020.68512]
Vrakas, Dimitris; Vlahavas, Ioannis, A heuristic for planning based on action evaluation, 61-70 [Zbl 1020.68517]
López, Natalia; Núñez, Manuel; Rodríguez, Ismael; Rubio, Fernando, WHAT: Web-based Haskell adaptive tutor, 71-80 [Zbl 1020.68777]
Magro, Diego; Torasso, Pietro, Decomposing and distributing configuration problems, 81-90 [Zbl 1020.68515]
Baruch, Ieroham; del Carmen Martinez Q., Alfredo; Garrido, Ruben; Nenkova, Boyka, Direct adaptive neural control with integral-plus-state action, 91-100 [Zbl 1020.68509]
Boytcheva, Svetla, ILP techniques for free-text input processing, 101-110 [Zbl 1020.68069]
Choenni, Sunil; Blanken, Henk, A Dempster-Shafer approach to physical database design, 111-121 [Zbl 1020.68502]
Miliaev, Nestor; Cawsey, Alison; Michaelson, Greg, Technical documentation: An integrated architecture for supporting the author in generation and resource editing, 122-131 [Zbl 1020.68812]
Pacholczyk, Daniel; Quafafou, Mohamed; Garcia, Laurent, Optimistic vs. pessimistic interpretation of linguistic negation, 132-141 [Zbl 1020.68519]
Carrillo, Vicente; Díaz, Víctor J., Left corner parser for tree insertion grammars, 142-151 [Zbl 1020.68091]
Stoykova, Velislava, Bulgarian noun – definite article in DATR, 152-161 [Zbl 1020.68520]
Simon, Gaële; Flouret, Marianne; Mermet, Bruno, A methodology to solve optimisation problems with MAS application to the graph colouring problem, 162-172 [Zbl 1020.68516]
Casas, Feliciano Manzano; García, L. A., OCOA: An open, modular, ontology based autonomous robotic agent architecture, 173-182 [Zbl 1020.68578]
Boella, Guido; Damiano, Rossana, A replanning algorithm for a reactive agent architecture, 183-192 [Zbl 1020.68551]
Lin, S. L. M., A broker approach for multi-agent scheduling, 193-202 [Zbl 1020.68514]
Kovačević, Miloš; Dilligenti, Michelangelo; Gori, Marco; Milutinović, Veljko, Recognition of common areas in a web page using a visualization approach, 203-212 [Zbl 1020.68513]
Medina, Jesús; Mérida-Casermeiro, Enrique; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel, A neural approach to abductive multi-adjoint reasoning, 213-222 [Zbl 1020.68518]
de Guzmán, I. P.; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Valverde, A., Restricted \(\Delta\)-trees in multiple-valued logics, 223-232 [Zbl 1020.68083]
Pop, Daniel; Negru, Viorel, Knowledge management in expert system creator, 233-242 [Zbl 1020.68846]
Choi, Seungyeob, Towards semantic goal-directed forward reasoning in resolution, 243-252 [Zbl 1020.68082]
Dichev, Christo, Do what we do to find what you want, 253-263 [Zbl 1020.68503]
Maynard, Diana; Cunningham, Hamish; Bontcheva, Kalina; Dimitrov, Marin, Adapting a robust multi-genre NE system for automatic content extraction, 264-273 [Zbl 1020.68801]
Goble, Carole, The semantic web: A killer app for AI?, 274-278 [Zbl 1020.68645]

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