Almost 2-homogeneous bipartite distance-regular graphs. (English) Zbl 1002.05069

Summary: Let \(\Gamma= (X,R)\) denote a bipartite distance-regular graph with diameter \(d\geq 4\), and fix a vertex \(x\) of \(\Gamma\). The Terwilliger algebra of \(\Gamma\) with respect to \(x\) is the subalgebra \(T\) of \(\text{Mat}_X(\mathbb{C})\) generated by \(A\), \(E^*_0, E^*_1,\dots, E^*_d\), where \(A\) is the adjacency matrix of \(\Gamma\), and where \(E^*_i\) denotes the projection onto the \(i\)th subconstituent of \(\Gamma\) with respect to \(x\). Let \(W\) denote an irreducible \(T\)-module. \(W\) is said to be thin whenever \(\dim E^*_i W\leq 1\) \((0\leq i\leq d)\). The endpoint of \(W\) is \(\min\{i\mid E^*_i W\neq 0\}\). It is known that a thin irreducible \(T\)-module of endpoint 2 has dimension \(d-3\), \(d-2\), or \(d-1\).
\(\Gamma\) is said to be \(2\)-homogeneous whenever for all \(i\) \((1\leq i\leq d-1)\) and for all \(x,y,z\in X\) with \(\partial(x, y)= 2\), \(\partial(x, z)= i\), \(\partial(y, z)= i\), the number \(|\Gamma_1(x)\cap \Gamma_1(y)\cap \Gamma_{i- 1}(z)|\) is independent of \(x\), \(y\), \(z\). Nomura has classified the \(2\)-homogeneous bipartite distance-regular graphs. In this paper we study a slightly weaker condition. \(\Gamma\) is said to be almost \(2\)-homogeneous whenever for all \(i\) \((1\leq i\leq d-2)\) and for all \(x,y,z\in X\) with \(\partial(x, y)= 2\), \(\partial(x, z)= i\), \(\partial(y, z)= i\), the number \(|\Gamma_1(x)\cap \Gamma_1(y)\cap \Gamma_{i- 1}(z)|\) is independent of \(x\), \(y\), \(z\). We prove that the following are equivalent: (i) \(\Gamma\) is almost \(2\)-homogeneous; (ii) \(\Gamma\) has, up to isomorphism, a unique irreducible \(T\)-module of endpoint \(2\) and this module is thin. Moreover, \(\Gamma\) is \(2\)-homogeneous if and only if (i) and (ii) hold and the unique irreducible \(T\)-module of endpoint \(2\) has dimension \(d- 3\).


05E30 Association schemes, strongly regular graphs
05C12 Distance in graphs
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