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On a type of action of Lie \(\epsilon\)-algebras. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1008.17018
Algebra Logika 35, No. 4, 468-475 (1996); translation in Algebra Logic 35, No. 4, 261-265 (1996).
From the text: The aim of the present article is to show how color Lie superalgebras act on associative algebras. For Lie groups and ordinary Lie algebras, there are natural types of action – by automorphisms and derivations, respectively. In other words, we are interested in which Hopf algebras may be said to correspond to color Lie superalgebras.
To tackle the problem posed, first we study group actions by automorphisms, and then pass to color Lie superalgebras. The problem of describing actions of color Lie superalgebras arose naturally in the Galois theory of semiprime rings.
17B75 Color Lie (super)algebras
16W25 Derivations, actions of Lie algebras
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