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Dynamics and randomness. Lectures given at the conference, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, December 11–15, 2000. (English) Zbl 1019.00010
Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems. 7. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. vi, 273 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Afraimovich, Valentin; Urias, Jesus, Dimension-like characteristics of invariant sets in dynamical systems, 1-30 [Zbl 1031.37024]
Boyle, Mike, Positive K-theory and symbolic dynamics, 31-52 [Zbl 1023.19001]
Durand, Fabien, Combinatorial and dynamical study of substitutions around the theorem of Cobham, 53-94 [Zbl 1038.11016]
Einsiedler, Manfred; Schmidt, Klaus, Irreducibility, homoclinic points and adjoint actions of algebraic \(\mathbb Z^d\)-actions of rank one, 95-124 [Zbl 1030.37016]
Émery, Michel, Old and new tools in the theory of filtrations, 125-146 [Zbl 1030.60059]
Petersen, Karl, Information compression and retention in dynamical processes, 147-217 [Zbl 1030.37008]
Phelps, Robert R., Unique equilibrium states, 219-225 [Zbl 1028.37022]
Schmitt, Bernard, Poincaré inequalities and spectral gap, concentration phenomenon for \(g\)-measures, 227-273 [Zbl 1030.37004]

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