Hyperbolic problems: Theory, numerics, applications. Proceedings of the ninth international conference on hyperbolic problems, Pasadena, CA, USA, March 25–29, 2002. (English) Zbl 1024.00068

Berlin: Springer. xiv, 961 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1009.76003).
Indexed articles:
Ben Abdallah, N.; Degond, P.; Deluzet, F.; Latocha, V.; Talaalout, R.; Vignal, M. H., Diffusion limits of kinetic models, 3-17 [Zbl 1065.82019]
Bressan, Alberto, Viscosity solutions for nonlinear hyperbolic systems, 19-41 [Zbl 1098.35100]
LeVeque, Randall J.; Yong, Darryl H., Phase plane behavior of solitary waves in nonlinear layered media, 43-51 [Zbl 1134.74379]
Liu, Tai-Ping; Yu, Shih-Hsien, Energy method for equations in gas dynamics, 53-60 [Zbl 1061.76075]
Perthame, Benoît; Simeoni, Chiara, Convergence of the upwind interfacesource method for hyperbolic conservation laws, 61-78 [Zbl 1064.65098]
Shu, Chi-Wang, An overview on high-order numerical methods for convection-dominated PDEs, 79-88 [Zbl 1062.76037]
Sjögreen, Björn; Yee, H. C., Analysis of high-order difference methods for multiscale complex compressible flows, 89-101 [Zbl 1134.76413]
Ukai, Seiji; Tang, Tong; Yu, Shih-Hsien, Nonlinear boundary layers of the Boltzmann equation, 103-110 [Zbl 1134.82327]
Bagnerini, Patrizia; Rascle, Michel, A homogenized hyperbolic model of multiclass traffic flow: a few examples, 113-123 [Zbl 1058.90014]
Ben-Artzi, M.; Falcovitz, J., The GRP treatment of 2-D complex wave structures, 125-134 [Zbl 1134.76393]
Bianchini, Stefano, BV solutions of semidiscrete upwind scheme, 135-142 [Zbl 1064.65104]
Chen, Shuxing, A supplement to entropy condition, 143-151 [Zbl 1134.35378]
Enright, Doug; Fedkiw, Ron, Robust treatment of interfaces for fluid flows and computer graphics, 153-164 [Zbl 1134.76438]
Gasser, Ingenuin; Hsiao, Ling; Li, Hailiang, Asymptotic convergence to diffusive wave of bipolar hydrodynamical model for semiconductors, 165-174 [Zbl 1059.82043]
George, E.; Glimm, J.; Grove, J. W.; Li, Xiaolin; Liu, Y. J.; Xu, Zhiliang; Zhao, N., Simplification, conservation and adaptivity in the front tracking method, 175-184 [Zbl 1134.76395]
Giles, M. B., Discrete adjoint approximations with shocks, 185-194 [Zbl 1134.76396]
Grote, M. J.; Kirsch, C., Far-field evaluation via nonreflecting boundary conditions, 195-204 [Zbl 1064.65115]
Ha, Seung-Yeal; Tzavaras, Athanasios E., \(L^1\) stability for the one-dimensional Broadwell model of a discrete velocity gas, 205-215 [Zbl 1061.76077]
Jüngel, Ansgar; Li, Hailiang; Markowich, Peter A.; Wang, Shu, Recent progress on quantum hydrodynamic models for semiconductors, 217-226 [Zbl 1134.82338]
Liu, Hailiang; Tadmor, Eitan, Critical thresholds and conditional stability for Euler equations and related models, 227-240 [Zbl 1134.76448]
Pareschi, Lorenzo; Russo, Giovanni, High-order asymptotically strong-stability-preserving methods for hyperbolic systems with stiff relaxation, 241-251 [Zbl 1064.65105]
Ancona, Fabio; Bressan, Alberto; Coclite, Giuseppe Maria, Some results on the boundary control of systems of conservation laws, 255-264 [Zbl 1073.93029]
Andreae, Sigrid; Ballmann, Josef; Müller, Siegfried; Voß, Alexander, Dynamics of collapsing bubbles near walls, 265-274 [Zbl 1059.76537]
Andrianov, Nikolai; Saurel, Richard; Warnecke, Gerald, The Riemann problem for a two-phase model, 275-284 [Zbl 1101.76060]
Appelö, Daniel; Kreiss, Gunilla, Evaluation of a well-posed perfectly matched layer for computational acoustics, 285-294 [Zbl 1134.76403]
Arminjon, P.; St-Cyr, A., New space staggered and time interleaved 2nd order finite volume methods, 295-304 [Zbl 1059.76517]
Artebrant, Robert; Schroll, Hans Joachim, High-resolution Riemann-solver-free methods for conservation laws, 305-314 [Zbl 1064.65089]
Asakura, Fumioki; Yamazaki, Mitsuru, Riemann problem for conservation laws with an umbilic point, 315-323 [Zbl 1064.35117]
Asakura, Fumioki, Admissibility of shock waves and uniqueness of the Riemann problem, 325-334 [Zbl 1064.35116]
Bagnerini, Patrizia, Eulerian approximate ray tracing and applications to grid generation, 335-346 [Zbl 1064.65107]
Bartholomeeusen, Gert; De Sterck, Hans; Sills, Gilliane, Non-convex flux functions and compound shock waves in sediment beds, 347-356 [Zbl 1134.76374]
Bechouche, Philippe; Mauser, Norbert J.; Selberg, Sigmund, Derivation of Schrödinger-Poisson as the non-relativistic limit of Klein-Gordon Maxwell, 357-367 [Zbl 1064.35198]
Brandt, Achi; Gandlin, Rima, Multigrid for atmospheric data assimilation: analysis, 369-376 [Zbl 1059.76520]
Breuß, Michael, A theory of implicit methods for scalar conservation laws, 377-368 [Zbl 1064.65090]
Bryson, Steve; Levy, Doron, High-order schemes for multi-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 387-396 [Zbl 1134.70301]
Bürger, R.; Karlsen, K. H.; Risebro, N. H.; Towers, J. D., On a model for continuous sedimentation in vessels with discontinuous cross-sectional area, 397-406 [Zbl 1059.76542]
Chalons, C.; Coquel, F., Numerical approximation of the Navier-Stokes equations with several independent specific entropies, 407-418 [Zbl 1134.76405]
Chen, Gui-Qiang; Feldman, Mikhail, Existence and stability of multidimensional transonic shocks for the Euler equations for steady potential fluids in unbounded domains, 419-432 [Zbl 1097.76060]
Chen, Gui-Qiang; Hoff, David; Trivisa, Konstantina, Analysis on a model for the dynamic combustion of a compressible, reacting fluid, 433-442 [Zbl 1062.76058]
Chen, Gui-Qiang; Su, Bo, Discontinuous solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations: existence, uniqueness, and regularity, 443-453 [Zbl 1134.35313]
Colombo, Rinaldo M.; Marson, Andrea, Conservation laws and O.D.E.s. A traffic problem, 455-461 [Zbl 1058.90015]
Colombo, Rinaldo M.; Corli, Andrea, Phase transitions and Chapman-Jouguet combustions, 463-472 [Zbl 1134.35376]
Coulombel, Jean-François, Weak stability of multidimensional shocks, 473-481 [Zbl 1098.35105]
Danilov, V. G.; Shelkovich, V. M., Propagation and interaction of delta-shock waves of a hyperbolic system of conservation laws, 483-492 [Zbl 1098.35106]
Hoff, David; Jenssen, Helge Kristian, Multidimensional compressible flows with symmetry, 493-498 [Zbl 1134.76447]
Dedner, Andreas; Rohde, Christian; Wesenberg, Matthias, Efficient higher-order finite volume schemes for (real gas) magnetohydrodynamics, 499-508 [Zbl 1059.76518]
Dedner, Andreas; Rohde, Christian; Wesenberg, Matthias, A new approach to divergence cleaning in magnetohydrodynamic simulations, 509-518 [Zbl 1061.76036]
Doronin, G. G.; Larkin, N. A.; Souza, A. J., Global solutions for a dusty media model, 519-528 [Zbl 1134.76724]
Fey, Michael; Torrilhon, Manuel, A constrained transport upwind scheme for divergence-free advection, 529-538 [Zbl 1134.76394]
Godillon-Lafitte, Pauline, Green’s function pointwise estimates for the modified Lax-Friedrichs scheme, 539-547 [Zbl 1134.76407]
Godin, Paul, A class of global non-smooth axisymmetric solutions to the Euler equations of an isentropic perfect gas in 2 space dimensions, 549-555 [Zbl 1134.76446]
Gunzburger, Max D.; Hou, L. Steven; Ju, Lili, A numerical method for controllability problems for the wave equation, 557-567 [Zbl 1065.65083]
Gustavsson, Katharina; Sjögreen, Björn, Numerical study of a viscous consolidation model, 569-578 [Zbl 1134.76728]
Hartmann, Ralf; Houston, Paul, Goal-oriented a posteriori error estimation for multiple target functionals, 579-588 [Zbl 1064.65102]
Hattori, Harumi, The Riemann problem for a phase transition problem in thermoelastic materials, 589-598 [Zbl 1134.74395]
Hsiao, Ling; Ju, Qiangchang; Wang, Shu, The global existence and large time behavior of solutions to the multidimensional Euler-Poisson equations, 599-609 [Zbl 1134.82337]
Karlsen, K. H.; Klingenberg, C.; Risebro, N. H., Relaxation schemes for conservation laws with discontinuous coefficients, 611-620 [Zbl 1064.65095]
Katsaounis, Theodoros; Makridakis, Charalambos, Relaxation models and finite element schemes for the shallow water equations, 621-631 [Zbl 1134.76387]
Katsaounis, Theodoros; Simeoni, Chiara, Second-order approximation of the viscous Saint-Venant system and comparison with experiments, 633-644 [Zbl 1134.76397]
Kliakhandler, Igor L., Dynamics of multilayer shear flows, 645-654 [Zbl 1134.76339]
Kupiainen, Marco; Kreiss, Gunilla, Effects of viscosity on a shock wave solution of the Euler equations, 655-664 [Zbl 1117.76031]
Kurganov, Alexander, An accurate deterministic projection method for hyperbolic systems with stiff source term, 665-674 [Zbl 1134.76735]
Küther, Marc; Ohlberger, Mario, Adaptive second-order central schemes on unstructured staggered grids, 675-684 [Zbl 1134.65357]
Lee, Yong Joong; Kemm, F.; Munz, C.-D.; Schneider, R., Physical symmetries and hyperbolic GLM divergence correction scheme for Maxwell and MHD equations, 685-694 [Zbl 1091.78001]
Li, Tong, Mathematical modelling of traffic flows, 695-704 [Zbl 1058.90016]
Lin, Chi-Tien, New high-resolution central-upwind schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws, 705-715 [Zbl 1065.65106]
Marquina, Antonio; Serna, Susana, Afternotes on PHM: Harmonic ENO methods, 717-725 [Zbl 1065.65107]
Mascia, Corrado; Zumbrun, Kevin, One-dimensional stability of viscous shock and relaxation profiles, 727-733 [Zbl 1134.35380]
Meister, A.; Berg, A.; Iben, U., Simulation of cavitation in thermodynamic equilibrium, 735-744 [Zbl 1134.80303]
Nair, Pradeepa; Pani, Amiya K., Semi-discrete finite element method for a class of viscoelastic problems with long memory under condition of friction, 745-754 [Zbl 1134.74412]
Nakane, Kazuaki; Shinohara, Tomoko, Global solutions for a free boundary problem of hyperbolic type in the case of non-negative peeling speed, 755-764 [Zbl 1064.35216]
Oh, Myunghyun, Stability analysis for periodic solution waves in viscous conservation laws, 765-774 [Zbl 1112.35123]
Pan, Tao; Liu, Hongxia, Scalar conservation laws with boundary effect, 775-787 [Zbl 1067.35048]
Panov, E. Yu., To the theory of generalized entropy solutions of the Cauchy problem for a first-order quasilinear equation in the class of locally integrable functions, 789-796 [Zbl 1064.35104]
Pelanti, Marica, Pressure linearization method for the computation of real fluids, 797-806 [Zbl 1134.76398]
Pitman, E. Bruce; Patra, Abani; Bauer, Andy; Sheridan, Michael; Bursik, Marcus, Modeling and computing geophysical mass flows, 807-817 [Zbl 1134.86305]
Puppo, Gabriella, Adaptive application of characteristic projection for central schemes, 819-829 [Zbl 1064.65106]
Liska, Richard; Wendroff, Burton, Comparison of several difference schemes for the Euler equations in 1D and 2D, 831-840 [Zbl 1061.76047]
Rider, William J.; Margolin, Len G.; Kamm, James R., Adaptive time integration for hyperbolic conservation equations, 841-850 [Zbl 1062.76036]
Rossmanith, James A., A constrained transport method for the shallow water MHD equations, 851-860 [Zbl 1134.76399]
Rozanova, Olga S., Solutions with linear profile of velocity to the Euler equations in several dimensions, 861-870 [Zbl 1134.35391]
Tadmor, Eitan; Tanner, Jared, An adaptive order Godunov-type central scheme, 871-880 [Zbl 1134.65359]
Tang, Shaoqiang, Numerical study of dynamic phase transitions in 2-D with a relaxed scheme, 881-888 [Zbl 1134.65360]
Tiwari, S.; Kuhnert, J., Particle method for simulation of free surface flows, 889-898 [Zbl 1134.76441]
Ustyugov, Sergey D.; Andrianov, Alexander N., Three-dimensional numerical modelling of convective instability by supernova explosion with nested grids scheme on multiprocessors systems, 899-907 [Zbl 1134.85307]
Völker, F.; Vilsmeier, R.; Hänel, D., A local level-set concept for front tracking on arbitrary grids, 909-918 [Zbl 1062.76043]
Wang, Dehua, Large-time behavior of solutions to the multi-dimensional Euler equations with damping, 919-928 [Zbl 1134.35392]
Young, Robin, Isentropic gas dynamics with large data, 929-939 [Zbl 1096.76047]
Zhang, Yong-Tao; Shu, Chi-Wang, Third- and fourth-order weighted ENO schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi equations on 2D unstructured meshes, 941-950 [Zbl 1075.70004]
Zhou, Y. C.; Wei, G. W., High resolution conjugate filters for hyperbolic conservation laws, 951-957 [Zbl 1064.65120]


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