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Fuzzy sets and systems — IFSA 2003. 10th international Fuzzy Systems Association world congress, Istanbul, Turkey, June 30 – July 2, 2003. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1029.00022
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2715. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-40383-3/pbk). xv, 735 p. (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Türkşen, I. Burhan, A perspective on the philosophical grounding of fuzzy theories, 1-15 [Zbl 1037.03518]
Fodor, János, Binary operations on fuzzy sets: Recent advances, 16-29 [Zbl 1037.03049]
Roubens, Marc, Multiple criteria choice, ranking, and sorting in the presence of ordinal data and interactive points of view, 30-38 [Zbl 1132.91379]
Tanaka, Hideo, Dual interval model and its application to decision making, 39-51 [Zbl 1132.68775]
Krishnapuram, Raghu; Kummamuru, Krishna, Automatic taxonomy generation: Issues and possibilities, 52-63 [Zbl 1037.68750]
Lee, Hsuan-Shih, A fuzziness measure of rough sets, 64-70 [Zbl 1037.03517]
Bělohlávek, Radim, Fuzzy closure operators induced by similarity, 71-78 [Zbl 1037.03045]
Inelmen, Emine; Inelmen, Erol; Ibrahim, Ahmad, A new approach to teaching fuzzy logic system design, 79-86 [Zbl 1037.93514]
Díaz, Susana; De Baets, Bernard; Montes, Susana, On the transitivity of fuzzy indifference relations, 87-94 [Zbl 1132.68768]
Bosc, Patrick; Rocacher, Daniel, About \(Z_{f}\), the set of fuzzy relative integers, and the definition of fuzzy bags on \(Z_{f}\), 95-102 [Zbl 1037.03515]
Meghabghab, George, The difference between 2 multidimensional fuzzy bags: A new perspective on comparing successful and unsuccessful user’s web behavior, 103-110 [Zbl 1037.68751]
Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri; Sudkamp, Thomas, A discussion of indices for the evaluation of fuzzy associations in relational databases, 111-118 [Zbl 1037.68527]
Delgado, Miguel; Martín-Bautista, María J.; Sánchez, Daniel; Vila, María A., On a characterization of fuzzy bags, 119-126 [Zbl 1037.03047]
Blanco, Ignacio; Sánchez, Daniel; Serrano, José M.; Vila, María A., A new proposal of aggregation functions: The linguistic summary, 127-134 [Zbl 1037.68140]
Glöckner, Ingo, Fuzzy quantifiers, multiple variable binding, and branching quantification, 135-142 [Zbl 1037.03024]
Pasi, Gabriella; Yager, Ronald R., Modeling the concept of fuzzy majority opinion, 143-150 [Zbl 1037.68752]
Díaz-Hermida, Félix; Bugarín, Alberto; Cariñena, Purificación; Mucientes, Manuel; Losada, David E.; Barro, Senén, Modelling fuzzy quantified statements under a voting model interpretation of fuzzy sets, 151-158 [Zbl 1037.68747]
Demirci, Mustafa, Arithmetic of fuzzy quantities based on vague arithmetic operations, 159-166 [Zbl 1037.03048]
Kukkurainen, Paavo, Level-sets as decomposition of the topological space Spec \(A\), 167-171 [Zbl 1037.06009]
Esteva, Francesc; Godo, Lluis; Montagna, Franco, Axiomatization of any residuated fuzzy logic defined by a continuous t-norm, 172-179 [Zbl 1037.03023]
Horčík, Rostislav; Cintula, Petr, Extension of Łukasiewicz logic by product connective, 180-188 [Zbl 1038.03024]
Di Nola, Antonio; Lettieri, Ada, Formulas of Łukasiewicz’s logic represented by hyperplanes, 189-194 [Zbl 1037.03020]
Lebar Bajec, Iztok; Zimic, Nikolaj; Mraz, Miha, Fuzzifying the thoughts of animats, 195-202 [Zbl 1038.68572]
Gottwald, Siegfried; Novák, Vilem; Perfilieva, Irina, Approximating fuzzy control strategies via CRI, 203-210 [Zbl 1039.93038]
Janssens, Saskia; De Baets, Bernard; De Meyer, Hans, Inequalities in fuzzy probability calculus, 211-218 [Zbl 1039.60014]
Huynh, Van-Nam; Ryoke, Mina; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Ho, Tu Bao, Fuzziness and uncertainty within the framework of context model, 219-228 [Zbl 1037.68142]
De Muer, Tom; Botteldooren, Dick, Uncertainty in noise mapping: Comparing a probabilistic and a fuzzy set approach, 229-236 [Zbl 1037.68804]
Grzegorzewski, Przemysław; Mrówka, Edyta, Trapezoidal approximations of fuzzy numbers, 237-244 [Zbl 1037.03516]
Yoshida, Yuji; Yasuda, Masami; Nakagami, Jun-ichi; Kurano, Masami, A discrete-time portfolio selection with uncertainty of stock prices, 245-252 [Zbl 1132.91483]
De Schuymer, Bart; De Meyer, Hans; De Baets, Bernard, A fuzzy approach to stochastic dominance of random variables, 253-260 [Zbl 1039.60012]
Maes, Koen; De Baets, Bernard, Extracting strict orders from fuzzy preference relations, 261-268 [Zbl 1132.68773]
Díaz, Susana; De Baets, Bernard; Montes, Susana, \(T\)-Ferrers relations versus \(T\)-biorders, 269-276 [Zbl 1132.68769]
Verkeyn, Andy; Botteldooren, Dick; De Baets, Bernard; De Tré, Guy, Sugeno integrals for the modelling of noise annoyance aggregation, 277-284 [Zbl 1132.68776]
Atanassov, Krassimir T.; Kacprzyk, Janusz; Szmidt, Eulalia; Todorova, Ljudmila P., On separability of intuitionistic fuzzy sets, 285-292 [Zbl 1037.03044]
Felix, Rudolf, Calculating limit decisions in factoring using a fuzzy decision model based on interactions between goals, 293-302 [Zbl 1132.90338]
Vernieuwe, Hilde; Georgieva, Olga; De Baets, Bernard; Pauwels, Valentijn R. N.; Verhoest, Niko E. C., Fuzzy models of rainfall-discharge dynamics, 303-310 [Zbl 1041.86003]
Canfora, Gerardo; Troiano, Luigi, A rule-based method to aggregate criteria with different relevance, 311-318 [Zbl 1132.68766]
Galichet, Sylvie; Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri, Imprecise modelling using gradual rules and its application to the classification of time series, 319-327 [Zbl 1037.68749]
Bouchachia, Abdelhamid; Pedrycz, Witold, A semi-supervised clustering algorithm for data exploration, 328-337 [Zbl 1037.68107]
Visa, Sofia; Ralescu, Anca, A comparative study of classifiers on a real data set, 338-345 [Zbl 1037.68729]
Dubois, Didier; Hüllermeier, Eyke; Prade, Henri, A note on quality measures for fuzzy association rules, 346-353 [Zbl 1037.68748]
Timm, Heiko; Döring, Christian; Kruse, Rudolf, Differentiated treatment of missing values in fuzzy clustering, 354-361 [Zbl 1037.68721]
Tsumoto, Shusaku, Mining multi-level diagnostic process rules from clinical databases using rough sets and medical diagnostic model, 362-369 [Zbl 1037.68755]
Peters, James F.; Skowron, Andrzej; Synak, Piotr; Ramanna, Sheela, Rough sets and information granulation, 370-377 [Zbl 1037.68753]
Hirano, Shoji; Tsumoto, Shusaku, Indiscernibility-based clustering: Rough clustering, 378-386 [Zbl 1037.68653]
Miyamoto, Sadaaki; Mizutani, Kiyotaka, Fuzzy multiset space and c-means clustering using kernels with application to information retrieval, 387-395 [Zbl 1037.68690]
Van der Weken, Dietrich; Nachtegael, Mike; Kerre, Etienne, Using similarity measures for histogram comparison, 396-403 [Zbl 1037.68793]
Cordón, Oscar; Damas, Sergio; Santamaría, Jose, A CHC evolutionary algorithm for 3D image registration, 404-411 [Zbl 1037.68758]
Patrascu, Vasile, Color image enhancement using the support fuzzification, 412-419 [Zbl 1037.68787]
Maragos, Petros; Tzouvaras, Vassilis; Stamou, Giorgos, Lattice fuzzy signal operators and generalized image gradients, 420-427 [Zbl 1037.68781]
Nobuhara, Hajime; Hirota, Kaoru, Non-uniform coders design for motion compression method by fuzzy relational equations, 428-435 [Zbl 1037.68786]
Di Martino, Ferdinando; Loia, Vincenzo; Sessa, Salvatore, A method for coding/decoding images by using fuzzy relation equations, 436-441 [Zbl 1037.68773]
Haber, Rodolfo E.; Alique, José R.; Alique, Angel; Uribe-Etxebarria, Ramón; Hernández, Javier, Embedded fuzzy control system in an open computerized numerical control. A technology transfer case-study, 442-449 [Zbl 1037.93513]
Sakly, Anis; Benrejeb, Mohamed, Activation of trapezoidal fuzzy subsets with different inference methods, 450-457 [Zbl 1037.93519]
Karakuzu, Cihan; Öztürk, Sitki; Türker, Mustafa, Design and simulation a fuzzy substrate feeding controller for an industrial scale fed-batch baker yeast fermentor, 458-465 [Zbl 1037.93516]
Essounbouli, Najib; Hamzaoui, Abdelaziz; Manamanni, Noureddine, Fuzzy supervisor for combining sliding mode control and \(H_\infty\) control, 466-473 [Zbl 1039.93037]
Kim, Dong Hwa; Park, Jin Ill, Intelligent PID control by immune algorithms based fuzzy rule auto-tuning, 474-482 [Zbl 1037.93054]
Zadeh, Hossein S., Implementation and applications of a constrained multi-objective optimization method, 483-491 [Zbl 1037.93520]
Hušek, Petr; Pytelková, Renata, System modelling using fuzzy numbers, 492-499 [Zbl 1039.93002]
Alasti, Aria; Bolandhemat, Hamid; Tehrani, Navid Dadkhah, Fuzzy adaptive sliding mode control for a class of uncertain nonlinear MIMO systems with application to a 2DOF twin propeller, 500-507 [Zbl 1037.93512]
Jalili-Kharaajoo, Mahdi; Ebrahimirad, Hassan, Improvement of second order sliding-mode controller applied to position control of induction motors using fuzzy logic, 508-515 [Zbl 1037.93515]
Ippolito, Lucio; Siano, Pierluigi, Hybrid electric vehicles: Application of fuzzy clustering for designing a TSK-based fuzzy energy flow management unit, 516-525 [Zbl 1037.93504]
Kinney, Charles E.; Edwards, Dean B., A fuzzy logic vision and control system embedded with human knowledge for autonomous vehicle navigation, 526-534 [Zbl 1037.93517]
Molhim, Mohammad; Demirli, Kudret, Fuzzy logic based dynamic localization and map updating for mobile robots, 535-543 [Zbl 1037.93518]
Hoffmann, Frank, An overview on soft computing in behavior based robotics, 544-551 [Zbl 1037.68756]
Intan, Rolly; Mukaidono, Masao, Asymmetric redundancy of tuples in fuzzy relational database, 552-559 [Zbl 1037.68528]
Bandeira, Lourenço P. C.; Sousa, João M. C.; Kaymak, Uzay, Fuzzy clustering in classification using weighted features, 560-567 [Zbl 1037.68614]
Kaymak, Uzay, Data and cluster weighting in target selection based on fuzzy clustering, 568-575 [Zbl 1037.68666]
Angelov, Plamen; Filev, Dimitar, On-line design of Takagi-Sugeno models, 576-584 [Zbl 1037.93501]
Ballini, Rosangela; Gomide, Fernando, Gradient projection method and equality index in recurrent neural fuzzy network, 585-594 [Zbl 1037.68613]
Ioannou, Irina; Perrot, Nathalie; Mauris, Gilles; Trystram, Gilles, Experimental analysis of sensory measurement imperfection impact for a cheese ripening fuzzy model, 595-602 [Zbl 1037.93503]
Makrehchi, Masoud; Basir, Otman; Kamel, Mohamed, Generation of fuzzy membership function using information theory measures and genetic algorithm, 603-610 [Zbl 1037.93506]
Cordón, Oscar; Herrera-Viedma, Enrique; Luque, María; de Moya, Félix; Zarco, Carmen, Analyzing the performance of a multiobjective GA-P algorithm for learning fuzzy queries in a machine learning environment, 611-619 [Zbl 1037.68630]
Carmona, Pablo; Castro, Juan L.; Zurita, José M., Commutativity as prior knowledge in fuzzy modeling, 620-627 [Zbl 1037.93502]
Kim, Min-Soeng; Kim, Chang-Hyun; Lee, Ju-Jang, Evolutionary optimization of fuzzy models with asymmetric RBF membership functions using simplified fitness sharing, 628-635 [Zbl 1037.93505]
Oduguwa, Victor; Roy, Rajkumar; Farrugia, Didier, Fuzzy multi-objective optimisation approach for rod shape design in long product rolling, 636-643 [Zbl 1037.90572]
Reformat, Marek, A fuzzy-based meta-model for reasoning about the number of software defects, 644-651 [Zbl 1037.68754]
Bordogna, Gloria; Carrara, Paola; Chiesa, Sergio; Spaccapietra, Stefano, A dual representation of uncertain dynamic spatial information, 652-659 [Zbl 1037.68746]
Berzal, Fernando; Cubero, Juan-Carlos; Marín, Nicolás; Pons, Olga, Enabling fuzzy object comparison in modern programming platforms through reflection, 660-667 [Zbl 1037.68524]
Lee, Jonathan; Fanjiang, Yong-Yi; Chen, Tzung-Jie; Lin, Ying-Yan, An XML-based approach to processing imprecise requirements, 668-676 [Zbl 1037.68525]
Hüllermeier, Eyke, Inducing fuzzy concepts through extended version space learning, 677-684 [Zbl 1037.68115]
El-Sayed, Mazen; Pacholczyk, Daniel, A symbolic approximate reasoning under fuzziness, 685-693 [Zbl 1037.68139]
Dubois, Didier; HadjAli, Allel; Prade, Henri, Making fuzzy absolute and fuzzy relative orders of magnitude consistent, 694-701 [Zbl 1037.68141]
Prade, Henri; Richard, Gilles; Serrurier, Mathieu, Learning first order fuzzy logic rules, 702-709 [Zbl 1037.68118]
Sakawa, Masatoshi; Kato, Kosuke, An interactive fuzzy satisfying method for multiobjective nonlinear integer programming problems through genetic algorithms, 710-717 [Zbl 1037.90574]
Birbil, Ş. Ilker; Feyzioğlu, Orhan, A global optimization method for solving fuzzy relation equations, 718-724 [Zbl 1037.90575]
Katagiri, Hideki; Sakawa, Masatoshi, A study on fuzzy random linear programming problems based on possibility and necessity measures, 725-732 [Zbl 1037.90573]

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