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Challenges in scientific computing – CISC 2002. Proceedings of the conference “challenges in scientific computing”, Berlin, Germany, October 2–5, 2002. (English) Zbl 1029.00037
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. 35. Berlin: Springer. viii, 285 p. EUR 79.95/net; $ 99.00; £61.50; sFr 133.00 (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Bastian, Peter, Higher order discontinuous Galerkin methods for flow and transport in porous media, 1-22 [Zbl 1138.76379]
Walkington, Noel J., Macroscopic models of fluids with microstructure, 23-36 [Zbl 1138.76410]
Turek, Stefan; Wan, Decheng; Rivkind, Liudmila S., The fictitious boundary method for the implicit treatment of Dirichlet boundary conditions with applications to incompressible flow simulations, 37-68 [Zbl 1138.76388]
Caboussat, Alexandre; Maronnier, Vincent; Picasso, Marco; Rappaz, Jacques, Numerical simulation of three dimensional free surface flows with bubbles, 69-86 [Zbl 1138.76400]
Hron, Jaroslav; Ouazzi, Abderrahim; Turek, Stefan, A computational comparison of two FEM solvers for nonlinear incompressible flow, 87-109 [Zbl 1138.76384]
Clees, Tanja; Stüben, Klaus, Algebraic multigrid for industrial semiconductor device simulation, 110-130 [Zbl 1043.82037]
Hebermehl, Georg; Hübner, Friedrich-Karl; Schlundt, Rainer; Tischler, Thorsten; Zscheile, Horst; Heinrich, Wolfgang, Simulation of microwave and semiconductor laser structures including absorbing boundary conditions, 131-159 [Zbl 1138.82368]
Lavrova, Olga; Matthies, Gunar; Mitkova, Teodora; Polevikov, Viktor; Tobiska, Lutz, Finite element methods for coupled problems in ferrohydrodynamics, 160-183 [Zbl 1138.76385]
Zunino, Paolo, Iterative substructuring methods for advection-diffusion problems in heterogeneous media, 184-210 [Zbl 1043.65115]
Seaïd, Mohammed; Klar, Axel, Efficient preconditioning of linear systems arising from the discretization of radiative transfer equation, 211-236 [Zbl 1043.65068]
Neuss, Nicolas, On using common Lisp for scientific computing, 237-245 [Zbl 1105.68320]
Roos, Hans-Görg; Zarin, Helena, The discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for singularly perturbed problems, 246-267 [Zbl 1043.65130]
Powell, Catherine; Silvester, David, Black-box preconditioning for mixed formulation of self-adjoint elliptic PDEs, 268-285 [Zbl 1045.65106]
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