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Discrete geometry for computer imagery. 11th international conference, DGCI 2003, Naples, Italy, November 19–21, 2003. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1029.00061
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2886. Berlin: Springer. xii, 556 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0989.00057).
Indexed articles:
Kopperman, Ralph, Topological digital topology., 1-15 [Zbl 1254.68308]
Bloch, Isabelle, Fuzzy spatial relationships from mathematical morphology for model-based pattern recognition and spatial reasoning., 16-33 [Zbl 1182.68329]
Brimkov, Valentin E.; Barneva, Reneta P., Digital flatness., 72-81 [Zbl 1254.68296]
Köthe, Ullrich; Stelldinger, Peer, Shape preserving digitization of ideal and blurred binary images., 82-91 [Zbl 1254.68339]
Gonzalez-Diaz, Rocio; Real, Pedro, Towards digital cohomology., 92-101 [Zbl 1254.68303]
Sivignon, Isabelle; Dupont, Florent; Chassery, Jean-Marc, New results about digital intersections., 102-113 [Zbl 1254.68318]
Tajine, Mohamed; Daurat, Alain, On local definitions of length of digital curves., 114-123 [Zbl 1254.68323]
Svensson, Stina; Arcelli, Carlo; Sanniti di Baja, Gabriella, Characterising 3D objects by shape and topology., 124-133 [Zbl 1254.68320]
Marchadier, Jocelyn; Kropatsch, Walter G.; Hanbury, Allan, Homotopic transformations of combinatorial maps., 134-143 [Zbl 1254.68312]
Kenmochi, Yukiko; Imiya, Atsushi, Combinatorial topologies for discrete planes., 144-153 [Zbl 1254.68307]
Normand, Nicolas, Convex structuring element decomposition for single scan binary mathematical morphology., 154-163 [Zbl 1254.68314]
Nouvel, Bertrand; Rémila, Éric, On colorations induced by discrete rotations., 174-183 [Zbl 1254.68315]
Tabbone, Salvatore; Wendling, Laurent, Binary shape normalization using the Radon transform., 184-193 [Zbl 1254.68344]
Biasotti, Silvia; Marini, Simone; Mortara, Michela; Patanè, Giuseppe; Spagnuolo, Michela; Falcidieno, Bianca, 3D shape matching through topological structures., 194-203 [Zbl 1254.68237]
Fouard, Céline; Malandain, Grégoire, Systematized calculation of optimal coefficients of 3-D chamfer norms., 214-223 [Zbl 1254.68336]
Remy, Eric; Thiel, Edouard, Look-up tables for medial axis on squared Euclidean distance transform., 224-235 [Zbl 1254.68340]
Daragon, Xavier; Couprie, Michel; Bertrand, Gilles, Discrete frontiers., 236-245 [Zbl 1254.68298]
Breton, Rodolphe; Sivignon, Isabelle; Dupont, Florent; Andres, Eric, Towards an invertible Euclidean reconstruction of a discrete object., 246-256 [Zbl 1254.68295]
Braquelaire, Achille; Kerautret, Bertrand, Reconstruction of discrete surfaces from shading images by propagation of geometric features., 257-266 [Zbl 1254.68294]
Staffetti, Ernesto; Grau, Antoni; Serratosa, Francesc; Sanfeliu, Alberto, Shape representation and indexing based on region connection calculus and oriented matroid theory., 267-276 [Zbl 1254.68319]
Brlek, Srečko; Labelle, Gilbert; Lacasse, Annie, Incremental algorithms based on discrete Green theorem., 277-287 [Zbl 1254.68297]
Damiand, Guillaume; Alata, Olivier; Bihoreau, Camille, Using 2D topological map information in a Markovian image segmentation., 288-297 [Zbl 1254.68332]
Arcelli, Carlo; Serino, Luca, Topology preservation and tricky patterns in gray-tone images., 298-307 [Zbl 1254.68328]
Ikonen, Leena; Toivanen, Pekka, Shortest route on height map using gray-level distance transforms., 308-316 [Zbl 1254.68337]
Svensson, Stina; Jonker, Pieter P., On the use of shape primitives for reversible surface skeletonization., 317-326 [Zbl 1254.68321]
Coeurjolly, David, \(d\)-dimensional reverse Euclidean distance transformation and Euclidean medial axis extraction in optimal time., 327-337 [Zbl 1254.68331]
Rodríguez, Jorge; Thomas, Federico; Ayala, Dolors; Ros, Lluís, Efficient computation of 3D skeletons by extreme vertex encoding., 338-347 [Zbl 1254.68317]
Lindblad, Joakim, Surface area estimation of digitized planes using weighted local configurations., 348-357 [Zbl 1254.68310]
Windreich, Guy; Kiryati, Nahum; Lohmann, Gabriele, Surface area estimation in practice., 358-367 [Zbl 1254.68325]
Sladoje, Nataša; Nyström, Ingela; Saha, Punam K., Perimeter and area estimations of digitized objects with fuzzy borders., 368-377 [Zbl 1254.68342]
Ben Hamza, A.; Krim, Hamid, Geodesic object representation and recognition., 378-387 [Zbl 1254.68292]
Balázs, Péter; Balogh, Emese; Kuba, Attila, A fast algorithm for reconstructing hv-convex 8-connected but not 4-connected discrete sets., 388-397 [Zbl 1254.68291]
Brunetti, Sara; Daurat, Alain, Stability in discrete tomography: linear programming, additivity and convexity., 398-407 [Zbl 1254.68329]
Damiand, Guillaume; Lienhardt, Pascal, Removal and contraction for \(n\)-dimensional generalized maps., 408-419 [Zbl 1254.68333]
Jonker, Pieter P.; Svensson, Stina, The generation of \(n\) dimensional shape primitives., 420-433 [Zbl 1254.68306]
Lachaud, Jacques-Olivier; Vialard, Anne, Geometric measures on arbitrary dimensional digital surfaces., 434-443 [Zbl 1254.68309]
Linh, Truong Kieu; Imiya, Atsushi, Nonlinear optimization for polygonalization., 444-453 [Zbl 1254.68311]
De Floriani, Leila; Morando, Franco; Puppo, Enrico, A representation for abstract simplicial complexes: an analysis and a comparison., 454-464 [Zbl 1254.68299]
Hontani, Hidekata; Giga, Mi-Ho; Giga, Yoshikazu; Deguchi, Koichiro, A computation of a crystalline flow starting from non-admissible polygon using expanding selfsimilar solutions., 465-474 [Zbl 1254.68305]
Vargas-Vazquez, Damián; Crespo, Jose; Maojo, Victor, Morphological image reconstruction with criterion from labelled markers., 475-484 [Zbl 1254.68324]
Svalbe, Imants; Kingston, Andrew, Intertwined digital rays in discrete Radon projections pooled over adjacent prime sized arrays., 485-494 [Zbl 1254.68343]
Caron, Yves; Charpentier, Harold; Makris, Pascal; Vincent, Nicole, Power law dependencies to detect regions of interest., 495-503 [Zbl 1254.68330]
Svoboda, David; Matula, Pavel, Tissue reconstruction based on deformation of dual simplex meshes., 514-523 [Zbl 1254.68322]
Matula, Pavel; Svoboda, David, Spherical object reconstruction using simplex meshes from sparse data., 524-533 [Zbl 1254.68313]
Emmerling, Andreas; Hildebrand, Kristian; Hoffmann, Jörg; Musialski, Przemyslaw; Thürmer, Grit, A system for modelling in three-dimensional discrete space., 534-543 [Zbl 1254.68300]

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