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Theory and applications of satisfiability testing. 6th international conference, SAT 2003, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, May 5–8, 2003. Selected revised papers. (English) Zbl 1030.00034
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2919. Berlin: Springer. xi, 530 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Dransfield, Michael R.; Marek, Victor W.; Truszczyński, Mirosław, Satisfiability and computing van der Waerden numbers, 1-13 [Zbl 1204.05097]
Chen, Hubie, An algorithm for SAT above the threshold, 14-24 [Zbl 1204.68187]
Gent, Ian; Giunchiglia, Enrico; Narizzano, Massimo; Rowley, Andrew; Tacchella, Armando, Watched data structures for QBF solvers, 25-36 [Zbl 1204.68195]
Goldberg, Eugene; Novikov, Yakov, How good can a resolution based SAT-solver be?, 37-52 [Zbl 1204.68196]
Li, Xiao Yu; Stallmann, Matthias F.; Brglez, Franc, A local search SAT solver using an effective switching strategy and an efficient unit propagation, 53-68 [Zbl 1204.68205]
Hanatani, Youichi; Horiyama, Takashi; Iwama, Kazuo, Density condensation of Boolean formulas, 69-77 [Zbl 1204.68198]
Clarke, Edmund; Talupur, Muralidhar; Veith, Helmut; Wang, Dong, SAT based predicate abstraction for hardware verification, 78-92 [Zbl 1204.68129]
Kleine Büning, Hans; Subramani, K.; Zhao, Xishun, On Boolean models for quantified Boolean Horn formulas, 93-104 [Zbl 1204.03017]
Prestwich, Steven, Local search on SAT-encoded colouring problems, 105-119 [Zbl 1204.68208]
Semerjian, Guilhem; Monasson, Rémi, A study of pure random walk on random satisfiability problems with “physical” methods, 120-134 [Zbl 1204.68211]
van Maaren, Hans; van Norden, Linda, Hidden threshold phenomena for fixed-density SAT-formulae, 135-149 [Zbl 1204.68214]
Baumer, Sven; Schuler, Rainer, Improving a probabilistic 3-SAT algorithm by dynamic search and independent clause pairs, 150-161 [Zbl 1204.68183]
Broering, Elizabeth; Lokam, Satyanarayana V., Width-based algorithms for SAT and CIRCUIT-SAT. (Extended abstract), 162-171 [Zbl 1204.68186]
Porschen, Stefan; Randerath, Bert; Speckenmeyer, Ewald, Linear time algorithms for some not-all-equal satisfiability problems, 172-187 [Zbl 1204.68108]
Szeider, Stefan, On fixed-parameter tractable parameterizations of SAT, 188-202 [Zbl 1204.68109]
Parisi, Giorgio, On the probabilistic approach to the random satisfiability problem, 203-213 [Zbl 1204.68207]
Egly, Uwe; Seidl, Martina; Tompits, Hans; Woltran, Stefan; Zolda, Michael, Comparing different prenexing strategies for quantified Boolean formulas, 214-228 [Zbl 1204.68178]
Bruni, Renato, Solving error correction for large data sets by means of a SAT solver, 229-241 [Zbl 1204.68177]
Sabharwal, Ashish; Beame, Paul; Kautz, Henry, Using problem structure for efficient clause learning, 242-256 [Zbl 1204.68210]
Armando, Alessandro; Compagna, Luca, Abstraction-driven SAT-based analysis of security protocols, 257-271 [Zbl 1204.68031]
Khurshid, Sarfraz; Marinov, Darko; Shlyakhter, Ilya; Jackson, Daniel, A case for efficient solution enumeration, 272-286 [Zbl 1204.68180]
Zhang, Lintao; Malik, Sharad, Cache performance of SAT solvers: a case study for efficient implementation of algorithms, 287-298 [Zbl 1204.68213]
Bessière, Christian; Hebrard, Emmanuel; Walsh, Toby, Local consistencies in SAT, 299-314 [Zbl 1204.68184]
Bjesse, Per; Kukula, James; Damiano, Robert; Stanion, Ted; Zhu, Yunshan, Guiding SAT diagnosis with tree decompositions, 315-329 [Zbl 1204.68104]
Williams, Ryan, On computing \(k\)-CNF formula properties, 330-340 [Zbl 1204.68212]
Bacchus, Fahiem; Winter, Jonathan, Effective preprocessing with hyper-resolution and equality reduction, 341-355 [Zbl 1204.68176]
Kleine Büning, Hans; Zhao, Xishun, Read-once unit resolution, 356-369 [Zbl 1204.03022]
Drake, Lyndon; Frisch, Alan, The interaction between inference and branching heuristics, 370-382 [Zbl 1204.68190]
Pretolani, Daniele, Hypergraph reductions and satisfiability problems, 383-397 [Zbl 1204.68209]
Franco, John; Kouril, Michal; Schlipf, John; Ward, Jeffrey; Weaver, Sean; Dransfield, Michael; Vanfleet, W. Mark, SBSAT: a state-based, BDD-based satisfiability solver, 398-410 [Zbl 1204.68193]
Mneimneh, Maher; Sakallah, Karem, Computing vertex eccentricity in exponentially large graphs: QBF formulation and solution, 411-425 [Zbl 1204.68206]
Kullmann, Oliver, The combinatorics of conflicts between clauses, 426-440 [Zbl 1204.68202]
Herbstritt, Marc; Becker, Bernd, Conflict-based selection of branching rules, 441-451 [Zbl 1204.68199]
Le Berre, Daniel; Simon, Laurent, The essentials of the SAT 2003 competition, 452-467 [Zbl 1204.68203]
Le Berre, Daniel; Simon, Laurent; Tacchella, Armando, Challenges in the QBF arena: The SAT’03 evaluation of QBF solvers, 468-485 [Zbl 1204.68204]
Dequen, Gilles; Dubois, Olivier, kcnfs: An efficient solver for random \(k\)-SAT formulae, 486-501 [Zbl 1204.68189]
Eén, Niklas; Sörensson, Niklas, An extensible SAT-solver, 502-518 [Zbl 1204.68191]
Braunstein, Alfredo; Zecchina, Riccardo, Survey and belief propagation on random \(K\)-SAT, 519-528 [Zbl 1204.68185]

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68T20 Problem solving in the context of artificial intelligence (heuristics, search strategies, etc.)
68T15 Theorem proving (deduction, resolution, etc.) (MSC2010)
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