Inelastic behaviour of structures under variable repeated loads. Direct analysis methods. Lectures of the CISM-Course, Udine, October, 2000. (English) Zbl 1030.00039

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Indexed articles:
de Saxcé, Géry, Basic definitions and results, 1-25 [Zbl 1271.74037]
de Saxcé, Géry, Variational formulation, 27-39 [Zbl 1068.74009]
de Saxcé, Géry, Nature of the solutions, 41-57 [Zbl 1067.74009]
de Saxcé, Géry; Bousshine, Lahbib, Implicit standard materials, 59-76 [Zbl 1063.74018]
de Saxcé, Géry; Tritsch, Jean-Bernard, Shakedown with non-associated flow rule, 77-89 [Zbl 1068.74010]
Maier, Giulio; Cocchetti, Giuseppe, Fundamentals of direct methods in poroplasticity, 91-113 [Zbl 1064.74060]
Maier, Giulio; Carvelli, Valter, A kinematic method for shakedown and limit analysis of periodic heterogeneous media, 115-132 [Zbl 1064.74026]
Polizzotto, Castrenze; Borino, Guido; Fuschi, Paolo, Shakedown of structures subjected to dynamic external actions and related bounding techniques, 133-185 [Zbl 1179.74014]
Polizzotto, Castrenze; Borino, Guido; Fuschi, Paolo, Shakedown of structures accounting for damage effects, 187-201 [Zbl 1092.74005]
Weichert, Dieter; Hachemi, Abdelkader, Advanced material modelling in shakedown theory, 203-227 [Zbl 1066.74016]
Weichert, Dieter; Hachemi, Abdelkader, Shakedown of thin-walled structures with geometrical nonlinear effects, 229-238 [Zbl 1081.74039]
Weichert, Dieter; Hachemi, Abdelkader, Application of shakedown theory and numerical methods, 239-265 [Zbl 1064.74168]
Ponter, Alan R. S., A linear matching method for shakedown analysis, 267-318 [Zbl 1064.74027]
Siemaszko, Andrzej, Shakedown, limit, inadaptation and post-yield analysis, 319-332 [Zbl 1179.74015]
Siemaszko, Andrzej, Limit and shakedown reliability analysis, 333-344 [Zbl 1067.74008]
Siemaszko, Andrzej, Computational methods for shakedown and limit reliability analysis, 345-359 [Zbl 1179.74181]
Siemaszko, Andrzej, Limit and shakedown reliability optimization accounting for nonlinear geometric effects, 361-376 [Zbl 1064.74028]
Van, Ky Dang, Application of shakedown theory to fatigue analysis of structures, 377-393 [Zbl 1179.74127]


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