Analysis and applications–ISAAC 2001. Proceedings of the 3rd international congress, Berlin, Germany, August 20–25, 2001. (English) Zbl 1031.35002

International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation. 10. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. x, 316 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (2, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1022.00009 and Zbl 1022.00010).
Indexed articles:
Antoniou, I.; Suchanecki, Z., Decay and computability, 1-6 [Zbl 1232.81021]
Kuchment, Peter, Differential and pseudo-differential operators on graphs as models of mesoscopic systems, 7-30 [Zbl 1200.82086]
Bakhvalov, N. S.; Eglit, M. E., Homogenization of some multiparametric problems, 31-49 [Zbl 1280.74030]
Bruno, Alexander D., Power geometry as a new calculus, 51-71 [Zbl 1049.34007]
Essén, Matts, A survey of \(Q\)-spaces and \(Q^\#\)-classes, 73-87 [Zbl 1055.30028]
Mejía, Diego; Pommerenke, Christian, Hyperbolically convex functions, 89-95 [Zbl 1045.30001]
Boutabaa, Abdelbaki; Escassut, Alain, Nevanlinna theory in characteristic \(P\) and applications, 97-107 [Zbl 1046.30030]
Barsegian, G. A.; Yang, C. C., A new property of meromorphic functions and its applications, 109-120 [Zbl 1070.30009]
Csordas, George, Complex zero decreasing sequences and the Riemann hypothesis. II, 121-134 [Zbl 1070.11039]
Saitoh, Saburou, Theory of reproducing kernels, 135-150 [Zbl 1046.46025]
Fujita, Keiko; Morimoto, Mitsuo, Analytic functions and analytic functionals on some balls in the complex Euclidean space, 151-159 [Zbl 1045.32001]
Tamrazov, Promarz, Batteries and energy minimization problems, 161-169 [Zbl 1047.31008]
Girardi, Maria; Weis, Lutz, Vector-valued extentions of some classical theorems in harmonic analysis, 171-185 [Zbl 1046.42004]
Gelfreich, Vassili, Chaotic zone in the Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation for diffeomorphisms, 187-197 [Zbl 1050.37024]
Lasiecka, I.; Triggiani, R.; Yao, P. F., Carleman estimates for a plate equation on a Riemann manifold with energy level terms, 199-236 [Zbl 1057.58019]
Nishitani, Tatsuo, Hyperbolicity for systems, 237-252 [Zbl 1061.35046]
Colombini, Ferruccio; Del Santo, Daniele, Strictly hyperbolic operators and approximate energies, 253-277 [Zbl 1050.35044]
Wang, Ya-Guang, Multiple highly oscillatory shock waves, 279-291 [Zbl 1056.78011]
Dan, Yuya; Kajitani, Kunihiko, Exponential time decay solutions of Schrödinger equations and of wave equations in even dimensional spaces, 293-301 [Zbl 1048.35094]
Mochizuki, Kiyoshi, Inverse scattering for a small nonselfadjoint perturbation of the wave equation, 303-316 [Zbl 1080.35553]


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