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Probability towards 2000. Symposium, Columbia Univ., New York, NY, USA, October 2–6, 1995. (English) Zbl 1041.00508
Lecture Notes in Statistics 128. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-98458-5). xi, 356 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Accardi, Luigi; Lu, Yun-Gang; Volovich, Igor, Nonlinear extensions of classical and quantum stochastic calculus and essentially infinite dimensional analysis, 1-33 [Zbl 1044.81647]
Arnold, Ludwig, Trends and open problems in the theory of random dynamical systems, 34-46 [Zbl 1044.37516]
Barndorff-Nielsen, Ole E., Probability and statistics: self-decomposability, finance and turbulence, 47-57 [Zbl 1044.62501]
Beirlant, J.; Teugels, J. L.; Vynckier, P., Some thoughts on extreme values, 58-73 [Zbl 1044.60509]
Belavkin, V. P., Stochastic positive flows and quantum filtering equations, 74-96 [Zbl 1044.81648]
Chen, Louis H. Y., Stein’s method: some perspective with applications, 97-122 [Zbl 1044.60505]
Chen, Mu-Fa, Trilogy of couplings and general formulas for lower bound of spectral gap, 123-136 [Zbl 1044.60513]
Collet, P., Stochasticity and chaos, 137-150 [Zbl 1044.37517]
de la Peña, Victor H., Decoupling inequalities: A second generation of martingale inequalities, 151-164 [Zbl 1044.60504]
Elworthy, K. D., Stochastic differential equations on manifolds, 165-178 [Zbl 1004.58511]
Fagnola, F., Extending flows of classical Markov processes to quantum flows in Fock space, 179-193 [Zbl 1044.81649]
Hudson, R. L., Quantum stochastic analysis after four decades, 194-217 [Zbl 1044.81650]
Kendall, Wilfrid S., Perfect simulation for the area-interaction point process, 218-234 [Zbl 1045.60503]
Meyer, P. A., Quantum probability seen by a classical probabilist, 235-248 [Zbl 1044.81651]
Nualart, David, Stochastic anticipating calculus, 249-262 [Zbl 1044.60511]
Ohya, Masanori, Foundation of entropy, complexity and fractals in quantum systems, 263-286 [Zbl 1044.82508]
Röckner, Michael, Dirichlet forms on infinite-dimensional ‘manifold-like’ state spaces: A survey of recent results and some prospects for the future, 287-306 [Zbl 0978.31007]
Sinha, Kalyan B., Quantum stochastic calculus and applications – a review, 307-318 [Zbl 1044.81653]
Thorisson, Hermann, Coupling, 319-339 [Zbl 1044.60510]
Williams, R. J., Some recent developments for queueing networks, 340-356 [Zbl 1044.60516]

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