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Advances in constructive approximation: Vanderbilt 2003. Proceedings of the international conference, Nashville, TN, USA, May 14–17, 2003. (English) Zbl 1047.41001
Modern Methods in Mathematics. Brentwood, TN: Nashboro Press (ISBN 0-9728482-2-3/hbk). ix, 533 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Agratini, Octavian, Linear operators generated by a probability density function, 1-12 [Zbl 1061.41014]
Agrawal, P. N.; Mohammad, Ali J., Approximation by iterative combination of a new sequence of linear positive operators, 13-24 [Zbl 1057.41018]
Aldroubi, Akram; Sun, Qiyu; Tang, Wai-Shing, Localization of Calderón convolution in the Fourier domain, 25-35 [Zbl 1078.42021]
Babenko, Vladislav, Kolmogorov-type inequalities and their applications, 37-62 [Zbl 1057.41006]
Babenko, Vladislav; Babenko, Yuliya, The Kolmogorov inequality for absolutely monotone functions on a half-line, 63-74 [Zbl 1068.41021]
Baramidze, V.; Lai, M. J., Volume data interpolation using tensor products of spherical and radial splines, 75-88 [Zbl 1059.65013]
Benedetto, John J., Constructive approximation in waveform design, 89-108 [Zbl 1062.94023]
Bogatyrëv, Andrei B., Extremal polynomials and algebraic curves, 109-122 [Zbl 1058.41003]
Bondarenko, Andriy V.; Prymak, Andriy V., Convex multivariate approximation by algebras of continuous functions, 123-131 [Zbl 1098.41033]
Bos, Len; Levenberg, Norm; Waldron, Shayne, Metrics associated to multivariate polynomial inequalities, 133-147 [Zbl 1068.41022]
Dragnev, P. D.; Legg, D. A.; Townsend, D. W., Polynomial approximation of the checkmark function, 149-164 [Zbl 1065.41012]
Dryanov, Dimiter P., A refinement of an inequality of R. J. Duffin and A. C. Schaeffer, 165-176 [Zbl 1087.41012]
Foufou, Sebti; Garnier, Lionel, Implicit equations of supercyclides, 177-189 [Zbl 1059.65017]
Ganzburg, Michael I., The pointwise overconvergence property of continuous functions, 191-195 [Zbl 1070.41010]
Gavrea, Ioan, Estimates in terms of the Ditzian-Totik modulus of smoothness in simultaneous approximation by linear operators, 197-205 [Zbl 1087.41019]
Goodman, Tim N. T.; Goh, Say Song, Uncertainty principles and optimality on circles and spheres, 207-218 [Zbl 1059.42007]
He, Tian-Xiao, On multivariate Abel-Gontscharoff interpolation, 219-226 [Zbl 1065.41003]
Hubbert, Simon; Morton, Tanya M., On the accuracy of surface spline interpolation on the unit sphere, 227-242 [Zbl 1066.41004]
Kersey, Scott N., The effect of parametrization on subdivided curves, 243-254 [Zbl 1059.65021]
Kobindarajah, C. K.; Lubinsky, D. S., Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund type inequalities for all arcs of the circle, 255-264 [Zbl 1070.41005]
Kopotun, Kirill A., On \(k\)-monotone interpolation, 265-275 [Zbl 1065.41005]
Lei, D.; Mason, J. C., A decomposition method for \(l_1\) approximation, 277-290 [Zbl 1059.65014]
Levin, E.; Lubinsky, D. S., Orthogonal polynomials for weights \(x^{2\rho}\exp(-2Q(x))\), 291-298 [Zbl 1056.42019]
Li, X.; Mohapatra, R. N.; van de Car, S. I., Turán-type inequalities for rational functions in integral norms, 299-310 [Zbl 1070.41006]
López-Moreno, Antonio-Jesús, Saturation class of derivatives of linear positive operators, 311-324 [Zbl 1061.41016]
Lubinsky, D. S., Towards a representation for the Bernstein constant, 325-332 [Zbl 1070.41015]
Mhaskar, H. N., Local quadrature formulas on the sphere. II, 333-344 [Zbl 1098.41029]
Nürnberger, Günther; Rayevskaya, Vera; Schumaker, Larry L.; Zeilfelder, Frank, Local Lagrange interpolation with \(C^2\) splines of degree seven on triangulations, 345-370 [Zbl 1057.41005]
Pai, D. V.; Indira, K., On well-posedness of some problems in approximation theory, 371-392 [Zbl 1060.41026]
Plonka, Gerlind; Tasche, Manfred, Numerical stability of fast trigonometric and orthogonal wavelet transforms, 393-419 [Zbl 1060.65139]
Prokhorov, V. A., On estimates of Hadamard type determinants and rational approximation, 421-432 [Zbl 1068.41030]
Putinar, Mihai, A renormalized Riesz potential and applications, 433-465 [Zbl 1092.47014]
Roach, David; Robinson, Richard, Knot removal using the bounding tension spline, 467-476 [Zbl 1068.41018]
Shekhtman, Boris, Interpolation by matrix-generated polynomials, 477-493 [Zbl 1065.41006]
Vale, Richard; Waldron, Shayne, The vertices of the Platonic solids are tight frames, 495-498 [Zbl 1055.42020]
Ward, J. D., Least squares approximation using radial basis functions: an update, 499-508 [Zbl 1064.41011]
Wendland, Holger, Solving large generalized interpolation problems efficiently, 509-518 [Zbl 1059.65011]
Xie, Gang; Yu, Thomas P.-Y., On a linearization principle for nonlinear \(p\)-mean subdivision schemes, 519-533 [Zbl 1059.65023]
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