A front-tracking method for the computations of multiphase flow. (English) Zbl 1047.76574

From the summary: Direct numerical simulations of multiphase flows, using a front-tracking method, are presented. The method is based on writing one set of governing equations for the whole computational domain, and treating the different phases as one fluid with variable material properties. Interfacial terms are accounted for by adding the appropriate sources as \(\delta\) functions at the boundary separating the phases. The unsteady Navier-Stokes equations are solved by a conventional finite volume method on a fixed, structured grid and the interface, or front, is tracked explicitly by connected marker points. Interfacial source terms such as surface tension are computed on the front and transferred to the fixed grid. Advection of fluid properties such as density is done by following the motion of the front. The method has been implemented for fully three-dimensional flows, as well as for two-dimensional and axisymmetric ones.


76M12 Finite volume methods applied to problems in fluid mechanics
76T10 Liquid-gas two-phase flows, bubbly flows


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