Functional and logic programming. 7th international symposium, FLOPS 2004, Nara, Japan, April 7–9, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1048.68005

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2998. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-21402-X/pbk). x, 307 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 0997.00028).
Indexed articles:
Selinger, Peter, A brief survey of quantum programming languages, 1-6 [Zbl 1122.68359]
Hagiya, Masami; Takahashi, Koichi; Yamamoto, Mitsuharu; Sato, Takahiro, Analysis of synchronous and asynchronous cellular automata using abstraction by temporal logic, 7-21 [Zbl 1122.68473]
Schürmann, Carsten, Twelf and Delphin: logic and functional programming in a meta-logical framework, 22-23 [Zbl 1122.68391]
Pemmasani, Giridhar; Guo, Hai-Feng; Dong, Yifei; Ramakrishnan, C. R.; Ramakrishnan, I. V., Online justification for tabled logic programs, 24-38 [Zbl 1122.68386]
Muñoz-Hernández, Susana; Mariño, Julio; Moreno-Navarro, Juan José, Constructive intensional negation, 39-54 [Zbl 1122.68382]
Julián Iranzo, Pascual; Villamizar Lamus, Christian, Analysing definitional trees: looking for determinism, 55-69 [Zbl 1122.68374]
Caballero, Rafael; Rodríguez-Artalejo, Mario, \(\mathcal{DDT}\): a declarative debugging tool for functional-logic languages, 70-84 [Zbl 1122.68366]
Craig, Stephen-John; Leuschel, Michael, LIX: an effective self-applicable partial evaluator for Prolog, 85-99 [Zbl 1122.68367]
Bueno, Francisco; López-García, Pedro; Hermenegildo, Manuel, Multivariant non-failure analysis via standard abstract interpretation, 100-116 [Zbl 1122.68365]
Bueno, Francisco; Garcia de la Banda, Maria, Set-sharing is not always redundant for pair-sharing, 117-131 [Zbl 1122.68364]
Lu, Lunjin; King, Andy, Backward pair sharing analysis, 132-146 [Zbl 1122.68379]
Escobar, Santiago, Implementing natural rewriting and narrowing efficiently, 147-162 [Zbl 1122.68371]
Ogawa, Mizuhito, Complete axiomatization of an algebraic construction of graphs, 163-179 [Zbl 1122.68483]
van Oostrom, Vincent, Sub-Birkhoff, 180-195 [Zbl 1122.68461]
Garrigue, Jacques, Relaxing the value restriction, 196-213 [Zbl 1122.68398]
Hirschowitz, Tom, Rigid mixin modules, 214-228 [Zbl 1122.68400]
Hasegawa, Masahito, Semantics of linear continuation-passing in call-by-name, 229-243 [Zbl 1122.68399]
Kikuchi, Kentaro, A direct proof of strong normalization for an extended Herbelin’s calculus, 244-259 [Zbl 1122.03311]
Altenkirch, Thorsten; Uustalu, Tarmo, Normalization by evaluation for \(\lambda ^{\rightarrow 2}\), 260-275 [Zbl 1122.68393]
Kahl, Wolfram, Basic pattern matching calculi: a fresh view on matching failure, 276-290 [Zbl 1122.68395]
Glück, Robert; Kawabe, Masahiko, Derivation of deterministic inverse programs based on LR parsing, 291-306 [Zbl 1122.68394]


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68N17 Logic programming
68N18 Functional programming and lambda calculus
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Zbl 0997.00028
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