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A column generation approach to capacitated \(p\)-median problems. (English) Zbl 1048.90132
Summary: The Capacitated \(p\)-median problem (CPMP) seeks to solve the optimal location of p facilities, considering distances and capacities for the service to be given by each median. In this paper we present a column generation approach to CPMP. The identified restricted master problem optimizes the covering of 1-median clusters satisfying the capacity constraints, and new columns are generated considering knapsack subproblems. The Lagrangean/surrogate relaxation has been used recently to accelerate subgradient like methods. In this work the Lagrangean/surrogate relaxation is directly identified from the master problem dual and provides new bounds and new productive columns through a modified knapsack subproblem. The overall column generation process is accelerated, even when multiple pricing is observed. Computational tests are presented using instances taken from real data from São José dos Campos City.

90B85 Continuous location
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