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The Fano conference. Papers of the conference organized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Gino Fano (1871–1952), Torino, Italy, September 29–October 5, 2002. (English, French) Zbl 1051.00013
Torino: Università di Torino, Dipartimento di Matematica. xiv, 804 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Fano, Robert, In loving memory of my father Gino Fano, 1-4 [Zbl 1075.01512]
Clemens, Herbert C., A version of Abel’s theorem for surfaces, 5-23 [Zbl 1086.14007]
Iskovskikh, Vasily Alekseevich, On the Noether-Fano inequalities, 25-35 [Zbl 1062.14018]
Mori, Shigefumi; Mukai, Shigeru, Extremal rays and Fano 3-folds, 37-50 [Zbl 1070.14018]
Murre, Jacob P., Fano varieties and algebraic cycles, 51-68 [Zbl 1071.14041]
Alexeev, Valery A.; Brion, Michel, Boundedness of spherical Fano varieties, 69-80 [Zbl 1087.14028]
Ancona, Vincenzo; Maggesi, Marco, On the quantum cohomology of Fano bundles over projective spaces, 81-98 [Zbl 1073.14553]
Andreatta, Marco, The projective space and other simple varieties, 99-108 [Zbl 1073.14058]
Batyrev, Victor V., Toric degenerations of Fano varieties and constructing mirror manifolds, 109-122 [Zbl 1072.14070]
Bauer, Ingrid C.; Catanese, Fabrizio, Some new surfaces with \(p_g=q=0\), 123-142 [Zbl 1078.14051]
Bayer, Arend; Manin, Yuri I., (Semi)simple exercises in quantum cohomology, 143-173 [Zbl 1077.14082]
Beauville, Arnaud, Fano threefolds and \(K3\) surfaces, 175-184 [Zbl 1096.14034]
Beltrametti, Mauro C.; Fania, Maria L.; Sommese, Andrew J., Mukai varieties as hyperplane sections, 185-208 [Zbl 1064.14007]
Ben-Itzhak, Tzachi; Teicher, Mina, Topological algorithm for conjugation of half-twists in the braid group with application to Hurwitz equivalence., 209-221 [Zbl 1089.20021]
Bogomolov, Fedor; Tschinkel, Yuri, Special elliptic fibrations, 223-234 [Zbl 1069.14009]
Brown, Gavin; Corti, Alessio; Zucconi, Francesco, Birational geometry of 3-fold Mori fibre spaces, 235-275 [Zbl 1063.14019]
Calabri, Alberto; Ciliberto, Ciro; Flamini, Flaminio; Miranda, Rick, On the geometric genus of reducible surfaces and degenerations of surface to unions of planes, 277-312 [Zbl 1071.14057]
Campana, Frédéric, The ordered ring of algebraic geometry, 313-338 [Zbl 1080.14018]
Campana, Frédéric, Orbifolds with trivial first Chern class, 339-351 [Zbl 1068.53051]
Caporaso, Lucia, Moduli theory and arithmetic of algebraic varieties, 353-378 [Zbl 1072.14024]
Debarre, Olivier, Seshadri constants of abelian varieties, 379-394 [Zbl 1077.14011]
Demailly, Jean-Pierre, On the geometry of positive cones of projective and Kähler varieties, 395-422 [Zbl 1071.14013]
Dolgachev, Igor V., Abstract configurations in algebraic geometry, 423-462 [Zbl 1068.14059]
Grassi, Antonella, Open-closed string dualities in geometry and modified open Gromov-Witten invariants, 463-478 [Zbl 1084.14522]
Harris, Joe; Hulek, Klaus, A remark on the Schottky locus in genus 4, 479-483 [Zbl 1064.14028]
Kachi, Yasuyuki; Mulay, Shashikant B., Local-to-global correspondence in algebraic geometry, 485-514 [Zbl 1093.14001]
Kollár, János; Schreyer, Frank-Olaf, Real Fano 3-folds of type \(V_{22}\), 515-531 [Zbl 1070.14058]
Kulikov, Viktor S., Generic coverings of the plane and braid monodromy invariants, 533-558 [Zbl 1169.14314]
Miyaoka, Yoichi, Numerical characterisations of hyperquadrics, 559-562 [Zbl 1063.14050]
Mukai, Shigeru, Plane quartics and Fano threefolds of genus twelve, 563-572 [Zbl 1068.14050]
Nikulin, Viacheslav V., On algebraic varieties with finite polyhedral Mori cone, 573-589 [Zbl 1069.14018]
Okonek, Christian; Teleman, Andrei, Gauge theoretical Gromov-Witten invariants and virtual fundamental classes, 591-623 [Zbl 1086.53105]
Peternell, Thomas; Sommese, Andrew J., Ample vector bundles and branched coverings, II, 625-645 [Zbl 1071.14018]
Prokhorov, Yuri G., A remark on Fano threefolds with canonical Gorenstein singularities, 647-657 [Zbl 1062.14051]
Pukhlikov, Aleksandr V., Birationally rigid Fano varieties, 659-681 [Zbl 1072.14050]
Ranestad, Kristian, Non-abelian Brill-Noether loci and the Lagrangian Grassmannian LG(3,6), 683-692 [Zbl 1073.14038]
Shepherd-Barron, Nicholas I., Stably rational irrational varieties, 693-700 [Zbl 1067.14051]
Tyurin, Andrei N., Fano versus Calabi-Yau, 701-734 [Zbl 1092.14050]
Verra, Alessandro, The Prym map has degree two on plane sextics, 735-759 [Zbl 1169.14310]
Voisin, Claire, Intrinsic pseudo-volume forms and \(K\)-correspondences, 761-792 [Zbl 1177.14040]
Wilson, Pelham M. H., Metric limits of Calabi-Yau manifolds, 793-804 [Zbl 1061.32019]
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