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Algorithmic number theory. 6th international symposium, ANTS-VI, Burlington, VT, USA, June 13–18, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1052.11002
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3076. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-22156-5/pbk). xi, 451 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium has been reviewed (see Zbl 0992.00024).
Indexed articles:
Kedlaya, Kiran S., Computing zeta functions via \(p\)-adic cohomology, 1-17 [Zbl 1125.14300]
Rubin, K.; Silverberg, A., Using primitive subgroups to do more with fewer bits, 18-41 [Zbl 1125.94328]
Elkies, Noam D.; Watkins, Mark, Elliptic curves of large rank and small conductor, 42-56 [Zbl 1125.11327]
Agarwal, Saurabh; Frandsen, Gudmund Skovbjerg, Binary GCD like algorithms for some complex quadratic rings, 57-71 [Zbl 1148.11317]
Arvind, V.; Kurur, Piyush P., On the complexity of computing units in a number field, 72-86 [Zbl 1148.11320]
Basiri, Abdolali; Enge, Andreas; Faugère, Jean-Charles; Gürel, Nicolas, Implementing the arithmetic of \(C_{3,4}\) curves, 87-101 [Zbl 1148.14304]
Berrizbeitia, P.; Müller, S.; Williams, H. C., Pseudocubes and primality testing, 102-116 [Zbl 1148.11316]
Bröker, Reinier; Stevenhagen, Peter, Elliptic curves with a given number of points, 117-131 [Zbl 1207.11065]
Bruin, N.; Flynn, E. V., Rational divisors in rational divisor classes, 132-139 [Zbl 1148.11318]
Calegari, Frank; Stein, William A., Conjectures about discriminants of Hecke algebras of prime level, 140-152 [Zbl 1125.11320]
Duquesne, Sylvain, Montgomery scalar multiplication for genus 2 curves, 153-168 [Zbl 1125.11330]
Eisenträger, Kirsten; Lauter, Kristin; Montgomery, Peter L., Improved Weil and Tate pairings for elliptic and hyperelliptic curves, 169-183 [Zbl 1116.11042]
Elkies, Noam D.; Rogers, Nicholas F., Elliptic curves \(x^3+y^3=k\) of high rank, 184-193 [Zbl 1125.11326]
Franke, Jens; Kleinjung, Thorsten; Morain, François; Wirth, T., Proving the primality of very large numbers with fastECPP, 194-207 [Zbl 1125.11359]
Gaudry, Pierrick; Schost, Éric, A low-memory parallel version of Matsuo, Chao, and Tsujii’s algorithm, 208-222 [Zbl 1125.11360]
Granger, R.; Holt, A. J.; Page, D.; Smart, N. P.; Vercauteren, F., Function field sieve in characteristic three, 223-234 [Zbl 1125.11358]
Granger, R.; Page, D.; Stam, M., A comparison of CEILIDH and XTR, 235-249 [Zbl 1125.94322]
Guàrdia, Jordi; Torres, Eugenia; Vela, Montserrat, Stable models of elliptic curves, ring class fields, and complex multiplication, 250-262 [Zbl 1125.11328]
Hess, F., An algorithm for computing isomorphisms of algebraic function fields, 263-271 [Zbl 1125.11353]
Howgrave-Graham, Nick; Szydlo, Mike, A method to solve cyclotomic norm equations \(f \ast \bar f\), 272-279 [Zbl 1125.11348]
Jacobson, M. J. jun.; Williams, H. C.; Wooding, K., Imaginary cyclic quartic fields with large minus class numbers, 280-292 [Zbl 1125.11350]
Jones, John W.; Roberts, David P., Nonic 3-adic fields, 293-308 [Zbl 1125.11356]
Lange, Tanja, Montgomery addition for genus two curves, 309-317 [Zbl 1125.11332]
Louboutin, Stéphane R., Numerical evaluation at negative integers of the Dedekind zeta functions of totally real cubic number fields, 318-326 [Zbl 1125.11352]
McKee, James; Smyth, Chris, Salem numbers of trace \(-2\) and traces of totally positive algebraic integers, 327-337 [Zbl 1125.11347]
Nguyen, Phong Q.; Stehlé, Damien, Low-dimensional lattice basis reduction revisited, 338-357 [Zbl 1125.11361]
Patrascu, Corina E.; Patrascu, Mihai, Computing order statistics in the Farey sequence, 358-366 [Zbl 1125.11304]
Pauli, Sebastian; Soriano-Gafiuk, Florence, The discrete logarithm in logarithmic \(\ell\)-class groups and its applications in \(K\)-theory, 367-378 [Zbl 1125.11354]
Ritzenthaler, Christophe, Point counting on genus 3 non hyperelliptic curves, 379-394 [Zbl 1125.11331]
Scheidler, R., Algorithmic aspects of cubic function fields, 395-410 [Zbl 1125.11363]
Stehlé, Damien; Zimmermann, Paul, A binary recursive gcd algorithm, 411-425 [Zbl 1125.11362]
Tangedal, Brett A., Lagrange resolvents constructed from Stark units, 426-441 [Zbl 1125.11349]
Yun, Aaram; Kim, Jaeheon; Lee, Dong Hoon, Cryptanalysis of a divisor class group based public-key cryptosystem, 442-450 [Zbl 1125.94334]

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