A unified approach to fast image registration and a new curvature based registration technique. (English) Zbl 1072.68631

Summary: Image registration is central to many challenges in medical imaging today. It has a vast range of applications.
The purpose of this note is twofold. First, we review some of the most promising non-linear registration strategies currently used in medical imaging. We show that all these techniques may be phrased in terms of a variational problem and allow for a unified treatment.
Second, we introduce, within the variational framework, a new non-linear registration model based on a curvature type smoother. We show that affine linear transformations belong to the kernel of this regularizer. As a result, the approach becomes more robust against poor initializations of a pre-registration step. Furthermore, we develop a stable and fast implementation of the new scheme based on a real discrete cosine transformation. We demonstrate the advantages of the new technique for synthetic data sets and present an application of the algorithm for registering MR-mammography images.


68U10 Computing methodologies for image processing
92C55 Biomedical imaging and signal processing
94A08 Image processing (compression, reconstruction, etc.) in information and communication theory
15A04 Linear transformations, semilinear transformations


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