Automatic differentiation: Applications, theory, and implementations. Selected papers based on the presentation at the 4th international conference on automatic differentiation (AD), Chicago, IL, USA, July 20–23, 2004. (English) Zbl 1084.65002

Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 50. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-28403-6/pbk). xvii, 361 p. (2006).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0983.68001).
Indexed articles:
Rall, Louis B., Perspectives on automatic differentiation: fast, present, and future?, 1-14 [Zbl 1270.65013]
Werbos, Paul J., Backwards differentiation in AD and neural nets: past links and new opportunities, 15-34 [Zbl 1270.65015]
Flanders, Harley, Solutions of ODEs with removable singularities, 35-45 [Zbl 1270.34006]
Christianson, Bruce; Cox, Maurice, Automatic propagation of uncertainties, 47-58 [Zbl 1270.65018]
Grote, Johannes; Berz, Martin; Makino, Kyoko, High-order representation of Poincaré maps, 59-66 [Zbl 1270.37052]
Kubota, Koichi, Computation of matrix permanent with automatic differentiation, 67-76 [Zbl 1270.15004]
Hossain, Shahadat; Steihaug, Trond, Computing sparse Jacobian matrices optimally, 77-87 [Zbl 1270.15019]
Schlenkrich, Sebastian; Walther, Andrea; Griewank, Andreas, Application of AD-based quasi-Newton methods to stiff ODEs, 89-98 [Zbl 1270.65035]
Sternberg, Julia; Griewank, Andreas, Reduction of storage requirement by checkpointing for time-dependent optimal control problems in ODEs, 99-110 [Zbl 1270.49041]
Tadjouddine, M.; Bodman, F.; Pryce, J. D.; Forth, S. A., Improving the performance of the vertex elimination algorithm for derivative calculation, 111-120 [Zbl 1270.65087]
Utke, Jean, Flattening basic blocks, 121-133 [Zbl 1270.65091]
Hascoët, Laurent; Araya-Polo, Mauricio, The adjoint data-flow analyses: formalization, properties, and applications, 135-146 [Zbl 1270.65089]
Gay, David M., Semiautomatic differentiation for efficient gradient computations, 147-158 [Zbl 1270.65012]
Naumann, Uwe; Riehme, Jan, Computing adjoints with the NAGWare Fortran 95 compiler, 159-169 [Zbl 1270.65090]
Pascual, Valérie; Hascoët, Laurent, Extension of TAPENADE toward Fortran 95, 171-179 [Zbl 1270.68057]
Bischof, Christian H.; Bücker, H. Martin; Vehreschild, Andre, A macro language for derivative definition in ADiMat, 181-188 [Zbl 1270.65088]
Bischof, Christian H.; Bücker, H. Martin; Marquardt, Wolfgang; Petera, Monika; Wyes, Jutta, Transforming equation-based models in process engineering, 189-198 [Zbl 1270.68385]
Snopok, Pavel; Johnstone, Carol; Berz, Martin, Simulation and optimization of the Tevatron accelerator, 199-209 [Zbl 1270.65014]
Phipps, Eric; Casey, Richard; Guckenheimer, John, Periodic orbits of hybrid systems and parameter estimation via AD, 211-223 [Zbl 1270.37053]
Jee, Kyung-Wook; McShan, Daniel L.; Fraass, Benedick A., Implementation of automatic differentiation tools for multicriteria IMRT optimization, 225-234 [Zbl 1270.90062]
Özyurt, Derya B.; Barton, Paul I., Application of targeted automatic differentiation to large-scale dynamic optimization, 235-247 [Zbl 1270.90076]
Castaings, W.; Dartus, D.; Honnorat, M.; Le Dimet, F.-X.; Loukili, Y.; Monnier, J., Automatic differentiation: a tool for variational data assimilation and adjoint sensitivity analysis for flood modeling, 249-262 [Zbl 1270.86003]
Xiao, Ying; Xue, Ming; Martin, William; Gao, Jidong, Development of an adjoint for a complex atmospheric model, the ARPS, using TAF, 263-273 [Zbl 1270.86009]
Giering, Ralf; Kaminski, Thomas; Todling, Ricardo; Errico, Ronald; Gelaro, Ronald; Winslow, Nathan, Tangent linear and adjoint versions of NASA/GMAO’s Fortran 90 global weather forecast model, 275-284 [Zbl 1270.86002]
Kaminski, Thomas; Giering, Ralf; Voßbeck, Michael, Efficient sensitivities for the spin-up phase, 285-293 [Zbl 1270.86004]
Hart, Frank P.; Kriplani, Nikhil; Luniya, Sonali R.; Christoffersen, Carlos E.; Steer, Michael B., Streamlined circuit device model development with fREEDA\(^{\text{\circledR}}\) and ADOL-C, 295-307 [Zbl 1270.94004]
Tadjouddine, Mohamed; Forth, Shaun A.; Keane, Andy J., Adjoint differentiation of a structural dynamics solver, 309-319 [Zbl 1270.74203]
Bücker, H. Martin; Corliss, George F., A bibliography of automatic differentiation, 321 [Zbl 1270.65011]


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Zbl 0983.68001
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